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Well, that was an interesting visit to Sandfords this morning. Yes, I'd really like to get the contract with them, they'd be an excellent company for our portfolio. Absolutely. Talking to the department manager was extremely useful. How did you get on in discussion with the senior management team? Mm, a similar experience, very informative. I was impressed. They're operating in a highly competitive market, yet they're totally committed to investment in training. Not all companies take that view, of course, especially when the economy is on a downturn. Quite. Sandfords' view is long-term. Instead of being satisfied that they're already known as a good company to work for, they want their management programmes to create an established, committed team and keep those people in the company. The staff I spoke to had plenty to say about the training they received in the past. So did the senior managers. As you probably found out, they're always tried to run their own in-house programmes before, using the knowledge areas of a number of their own personnel. They were very keen for management training to be attended by all managers. Of course, they rarely succeeded in getting everyone together at the same time. Sessions kept getting cancelled and people were generally irritated by the changes to arrangements, though those sessions that did take place were well received, especially ones on the more specialist topics. Yes, the middle managers I interviewed commented that they'd like training to cover more specialist areas.
今早对Sandfords做了一个有趣的访问。 是的,我真的很希望与他们签合同,他们对我们的投资组合来说是个很优秀的公司。 绝对是。与部门经理的交谈确实有用。在与高层管理团队的讨论中你是如何切入的? 恩,一个类似的经历,非常见闻广博,让我印象深刻,他们在一个高竞争力的市场中运营,然而能够完全致力于对培训的投资。 不是所有的公司都能达到这一点,当然,特别是经济下滑时期。 确实,Sandford的眼光是长远的,而不是满足于员工为他们这个已经为大众所熟知的优秀公司效力。他们希望他们的管理方案建立一个经久的、忠诚的团队并保留那些在公司的员工。 跟我谈话的员工可以说出许多有关他们过去接收的培训。 高级管理者也是这样。你可能发现了,以前他们总是运行管理他们自己内部的培训方案,使用自己员工的知识领域。他们非常热衷于所有管理者参加的管理培训—当然,他们很少能在同一时间把每个人召集到一起。会议经常被取消 人们通常对改变安排感到恼火,虽然那些确实举办的会议内容接收的很好,特别是那些专业的课题。 是的,跟我谈话的中层管理者评论说他们愿意接受更加专业的领域。 ——By lsy34