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As you know, the main supplier of our components announced suddenly last month that they were closing down shortly, leaving us in a very difficult situation. I shortlisted four potential replacement suppliers, and have visited them all. I'll report on each, though I've only found one company that meets our needs entirely. Initially, I was optimistic about the first company I saw. I was given an enthusiastic welcome and generous hospitality by the MD, but when he took me on a tour of the factory, I began to have a few doubts about his commercial expertise. The factory is enormous, a converted aircraft shed, I think, almost too big to be practical. There is certainly enough machinery to produce the quantities we need, and that, of course, is vital. However, I had one main concern. The company has recently invested heavily in state-of-the-art production equipment and in a comprehensive training programme for machine operators.
据你们所知,我们主要的零件供应商上个月突然宣布要立刻关闭公司,这使我们陷入困境。我的名单上有四个候选供应商,并且我已经拜访过他们了。我将逐一进行报告,虽然我只找到一个完全满足我们需要的公司。 最初,我对第一家公司有非常好的印象。公司总经理热情地欢迎我而且慷慨地招待我,但是当他带我参观工厂时,我对他们的商业专业性有怀疑。工厂非常大,就像一个航空基地一样,我觉得有一点太大了。而至关重要的是这里没有足够的机器去生产我们需要的零件数量。 然而,我还有一个主要的担心就是公司最近投资大笔金额在最新式的生产设备商,而且对操作者有一个综合培训计划。 ——By lsy34