1. When executive producer Julie Plec promised a lot of Delena goodness in the new season, she wasn't kidding. It seems like the two happy lovebirds haven't been able to keep their hands off each other all summer, losing hours holed up in Damon's bedroom. Though Stelena fans, don't give up all hope: there is one scene that should help to balance out the Delena-heavy episode.
1、《吸血鬼日记》执行制片人Julie Plec在《吸血鬼日记》第五季开播前向DE党表示,在新一季里会有很多DE的幸福画面,她可不是在开玩笑。DE的确是在一起过了一个非常幸福、快乐的夏天,两人在Damon卧室里开心到都快要忘记时间了。不过SE党们也不要放弃希望:新季中将会有一幕SE重要剧情,能够对DE之前的幸福甜蜜起到平衡作用。

2. Since Jeremy is living in the Salvatore mansion (thanks to Elena burning down the Gilbert house in Season 4), that means there is plenty of opportunities for awkward sibling moments when he accidentally catches the two vamps in the ... er, act.

3. Though Elena is heading off to Whitmore College for a normal, functioning-vampire college experience with Caroline and Bonnie (or so Elena and Caroline think), don't expect that to affect her and Damon. Sure, long-distance relationships aren't easy, but when you see how these two say goodbye, you certainly won't doubt that they can make it work.