The Vampire Diaries’ Katherine Pierce hasn’t always been the easiest character to love, but then again, she was never the easiest character to hate either. After all, how could you hate someone who was so much fun?
《吸血鬼日记》的Katherine Pierce一开始就不招人爱,当然也不会是一直招人恨的角色。毕竟么有意思的角色谁会讨厌这呢?

But regardless of your feelings on Katherine, we all know that her days of scheming and dream-manipulation are long gone now that she was force-fed the cure in the Season 4 finale. So will she be skipping town to live life as a human elsewhere? Not so much.

Entertainment Weekly spoke to executive producer Caroline Dries about Katherine’s role in Season 5. “Katherine is actually going to be one of the main people this season. So she’s going to beintertwined in their lives — not that they want her there. But she’s actually going to need them more than they need her.”
《娱乐周刊》杂志独家采访《吸血鬼日记》制片人Caroline Dries时,当问到第五季Katherine这个角色的状态时,她说:“Katherine将会成为本季的主要角色之一。也就是说她会经常出现——在那些别人不想让她出现的地方。不过相较于别人对她的依赖,K女王这次对比人的依赖更大。

Katherine in need of help? Now this could be fun.