1.C) Their brains work in harmony.

2.A)It can work both ways.

3.D)Find out more about their ancestry.

4.B)They were born to the same mother.

5.B) The beautiful beach was spoiled with lots of trash.

6.C) A passerby.

7.A) It was tourists, not natives who were cleaning up the beach.

8.D)He is physically unfit for it.

9.D)To give her little nephew a treat.

10.D)He spends most of his time in the gym.

11.B)Concentrating on reading.

12.B) It is attracting many people's attention.

13.C) One should have one million dollars to retire.

14.A) It doesn't need to be permanent.

15.D) By investing half of one's monthly income.

16.C)They were influenced by the presence of someone from an outsider group.

17.A) When an unknown student from another university was present.

18.B) By advertising its social benefits.

19.D) The effect of interacting with therapy dogs on students under pressure.

20.A) Their executive functioning.

21.B) Add to some students' stress.

22.A) Work hard and plan carefully.

23.D) Being willing to experiment with novel ideas.

24.B) Learn from our failure and forge ahead.

25.D) Less competition.


1.C Thought something wrong with the driver.

2.A Buy a sports car.

3.B Alter human skeleton.

4.C lt hardens.

5.D Hold a birthday party for him.

6.B Regular visits to the village shop.

7.A Fond of luxury food.

8.D Where to launch.

9.C Sandwich place on Cameron street.

10.A There is to be a conference call.

11.B She doesn't think his wife cooks well.

12. C Receptions.

13.B Difficulty getting up downstairs.

14.D Compare price.

15.B Go on a boat trip.

16.D Increasingly more important.

17.A Effect on the way we negotiate.

18.C Use deceptive strategies.

19.B Six months after the course.

20.D Eat more vegetable and fruits.

21.A Gender

22.DVarying in size.       

23.A Makes us feel uncomfortable.

24.A Personal space.

25.D Enter our teen.






The Chinese Government attaches great importance to a healthy diet for its people. By vigorously advocating a healthy diet, people have gained a deeper understandingof the importance of proper nutrition and health promotion. "Eating safely, nutritiously and healthily" is the people's basic demand for a good life, and it is an inevitable requirement in the pursuit of people's sense of well-being, which also provides new opportunities for the development of the food industry. At present, governments at all levels are taking a variety of measures to promote the construction of a healthy China.





Since the reform and opening-up, the diet of Chinese people has changed significantly. In the past, due to economic backwardness, food was limited in variety and quantity, and people were satisfied with just enough to eat. Nowadays, with the rapid development of China's economy, food is not only more abundant and diverse, but also of a much higher quality. As the standard of living continues to rise, people's dietary requirements are becoming higher and higher, and more attention is being paid to eating nutritiously and healthily. As a result, low-fat, low-sugar and organic food products available on the market are generally welcomed by people.



改革开放以来,中国人民生活水平不断提高,这在人们的饮食(diet)变化上得到充分体现。如今,人们不再满足于吃得饱,而是追求吃得更加安全、更加营养、更加健康,食物也愈来愈丰富多样,不再限于本地的农产品。物流业(logistics industry)的发展使人们很容易品尝到全国各地的特产。毫无疑问,食品质量与饮食结构的改善为增进人们健康提供了有力的保障。


Since the reform and opening up, the living standard of the Chinese people has been continuously improved, which is fully reflected in the change in people's diet. Today, people are no longer satisfied with eating enough, but are seeking to eat safer, more nutritious, healthier and more diverse foods, no longer limited to local produce. The development of the logistics industry has made it easy for people to taste specialties from all over the country. There is no doubt that the improvement of food quality and diet structure provides a strong guarantee for the promotion of people's health.


📔 选词填空(1)📔

26.F impact

27.D controversial

28.H moderate

29.I participated

30.O upper

31.M seemingly

32.L risk

33.J patterns

34.A adjust

35.G limitations

📔 选词填空(2)📔

26.D focus

27.F overall


29.K quantified

30.N story

31.M reflected

32.H prior

33.O strongly

34.L recovery

35.C especially



Teenagers and social network

36 CIndeed, social scientists who study young people have found that...

37 L Distraction is also a serious issue...

38 H But even as error rates stayed stable, student essays...

39 A As a parent of two boys at primary school, l worry about...

40 M So what's the best way to cope...

41 E Parents are wrong to worry about kids...

42 I When linguist Naomi Baron studied students...

43 B New technologies always provoke generational panic...

44 J It is probably true that fewer kids are heavy readers...

45 G But surely all this short-form writing is affecting literacy...



Passage1 赛马

46 B he won enormous fame and love from British people

47 A it was only a hindrance they had to get over

48 D he took 3 Grand Nations wins in the 1970s

49 A he had already passed the peak of his racing life

50 D he remained famous and popular

Passage2 做决定

51 D rely on instinct in decision making

52 B systematic data and analysis

53 C combine the two together

54 C resort to inner wisdom



Suppose your university newspaper is inviting submissions from students for its coming edition on a campus event that has impressed them most.

Last Saturday, our Student Union organized the AnnualCampus Sports Games, which lasted throughout the weekend. This activity left an unforgettable impression on me. lt was a huge success because not only did it spark students' enthusiasm for sports activities, but it also proved our university's openness and care for students' needs.

The games started at 9 a.m. with a short speech delivered by the principal of our university, who emphasized the importance of sports in building a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Then, various sports events were held including track and field, basketball, swimming, and even chess, cater into a wide range of interests and abilities. The highlight for me was the relay race, which saw an incredible display of teamwork and determination. Additionally, many students were impressed with the good organization of the events, the exciting cheers and medal awarding ceremony held on Sunday evening.

All in all, it was clear that these events had achieved more thirst for physical engagement. They fostered a sense of community, encouraged healthy competition, and allowed students from different backgrounds to connect and engage.


Suppose your university newspaper is inviting submissions from students for its coming edition on the recent development of their hometown.

In recent years, my hometown has undergone significant developments. Along with the growth of economy and society, more and more remarkable changes are brought to my hometown. Now, I will highlight some of these developments in my hometown.

One of the most noticeable changes in my hometown is the development of infrastructure. New roads and bridges have been constructed, making traffic more convenient. The expansion of public transportation networks, including subway system, has made commuting more convenient and efficient.

Another notable development in my hometown is the rapid economic growth. New industries and businesses have emerged, creating job opportunities and boosting the local economy. More and more tourists also come to my hometown and visit the local museums and theaters.

In conclusion, my hometown has undergone remarkable developments in various aspects. These changes have transformed it into a more dynamic city. I am proud to witness this transformation in my hometown.


As a student at the Foreign Languages School of Peking University, l am most impressed by the care our university shows to us.

Beause of the damp and cold winters and the burning hot summers, the authorities have installed air conditioning units in all the dormitories, providing us with comfortable shelter from the extreme temperatures. Moreover, the canteens offer affordable set meals, ensuring that students on a tight budget don't have to worry excessively about living expenses and can save money for other necessities. Most notably, I am struck by traffic control during rush hours to ensure students’ safety. During these times, vehicles are prohibited from using the routes students take to and from classroom buildings and dormitories.

To be frank, there are too many examples to list in their entirety. I am very proud to be a part of our university and would like to express my sincere gratitude for everything our university does for its students