T: Wait, are you saying Shelley didn't die in the sauna?
W: She died of heat stroke.
C: But the stroke covered up an underlying medical catastrophe.
T: Like what? Shell was always healthy.
C: She went into anaphylactic shock. Coroner says some of the indicators are the same as a stroke: renal failure, cerebral edema.
W: We missed it until Captain Brass brought your room service records to our attention.
T: I don't understand.
B: Well, maybe this will help. The travel agency contract you and Shelley signed. Under "allergic reactions to foods" for Shelley Danvers - shellfish.
W: As her best friend, you would know that.
B: And then we have this from the hotel computer for your room 7:01 P.M., On the day: "A Taste From the Sea a lovely tureen of mild bisque with pureed bits of Maine lobster." Pureed, two bowls. She didn't know what she was eating when it arrived, did she?
C: Because she didn't order it; you did. We've got a machine known as the ESDA machine which can read pen imprints. ____. "Jeremy, drinks, 10:00." Shelley made that date. That's her handwriting. Were you in the room when Jeremy call?
T: I answered the phone. He asked for her.
W: You killed her over a guy you two met at a bar?
T: __②__. ____, you know ... like, get hives or something.
C: Well, ____ - trachea... larynx ... tongue swelled. 
W: ____. They shut down.
T: I didn't even like the guy. I just ... I didn't want to be left out.
B: Miss Kolas, you're under arrest.

Well, the machine isolated this I didn't mean to kill her I thought that she would just have an allergic reaction and she wouldn't be able to make her date that night her allergy kicked in the sauna under the worst possible conditions Her pressure got so low her blood quit running through her organs