C: D.B. ... Mediterranean Casino ... Women's Spa.
B: Body is Shelley Danvers. DOB: 10/10/81. Employee walked in to get towels ... found her here.
C: ____ she DFO'S?
B: Done fell out. That's what the night manager says.
W: Miss?
K: Excuse me.
W: We're from the Crime Lab. ____?
K: Yes, I was, um ... just getting some towels and I walked in and she was there.
C: Hey, Brass ... you touch this body?
B: Yeah, I was born yesterday.
C: ____. Miss ... you know anything about redressing the body?
K: Well, she was naked. I-I-I thought she should be covered.
C: Did you move the body here, too?
K: Guests were looking in. ____. It's not like it's a crime or anything.
C: Actually, it is.
W: ____.

A young woman, healthy, just reading a magazine and all of a sudden You found the deceased Well, it looks as if the sash may have been tied by somebody else I put a robe on her Makes us doubt the circumstances surrounding the victim's death