T: I was watching the boys. ____. I did.
G: Yeah. But then you called your girlfriend.
T: And we got to talking. And ____ Zack and Robbie. They were being quiet. They were behaving. I turned around, and I saw how still he was. I ran to him, and he was dead.
G: And that's when you called 911. But you must have dropped the phone to tend to Zack.
O: 911.
T: What did you do, Robbie?! What did you do?
G: ____. Soon after that, your parents arrived.
A: Oh, my god. What happened?
G: ____.
T: He was already blue. I pushed. I tried to breathe air into him, but he was gone.
S: We did everything that we could.
B: Why didn't you just tell the truth? 
S: We wanted to protect Robbie. We didn't want him to grow up with the stigma of ... "the boy who killed his brother."
G: He's three. ____. No court would hold him accountable for that.
S: But everybody else would know. It would follow him the rest of his life. And my wife ... would rather go to prison than to have anybody know what Robbie did.
G: Mr. Anderson, we won't let that happen.

I had my eye on them I was kind of ignoring And I guess somewhere in the chaos you got disconnected One of you worked on him so hard that you cracked his sternum He's clinically unaware of his actions