D: You want a barf bag?
G: I want the paramedics that were in this house back here immediately -- police escort. Get them on this front lawn now.
D: You'd think I work for you instead of the other way around.
G: Call dispatch. ____ - all of them - no exceptions. Sara, those photos -- ____. Tell the lab that we need every forensics tool available to us here right away. This is the only crime scene in Las Vegas tonight.
S: Yes, sir.
R 1: The fear in this neighborhood just South of Las Vegas Boulevard is almost palpable. Scott Collins, his wife and two sons ____
R 2: ... the murder of four innocent ...
R 1: Authorities thus far have offered no comment fueling the fears of the neighbors that a killer is on the loose.
R 3: ... A multiple murder. And we will have more on this
D: It's okay. We'll give you clothes. The lab guys just want to see yours.
G: Sergeant, may I? Tina ... I'm very sorry about what happened to you tonight. ____.
T: When can I be with my sister? She's so scared.
G: Soon. Detective? Thanks. Hi. Is your name Brenda? I'm trying to find out who hurt your family. Do you think you could help me? Did anyone come into your room tonight? Through the door? Through the window maybe? Okay.
B: The buffalo.
G: The buffalo? ____? Brenda?

You tell my entire graveyard shift that I want them here ASAP blown up times ten were brutally murdered in their beds But everything we take from your house can help us find out what happened to your family Who's the buffalo
DET. O'RILEY: 你要袋子防止呕吐吗? GRISSOM: 我要刚才进过屋子的护理人员...马上回来这里。还有警卫队,马上到前面的草坪集合。 DET. O'RIELY: 假如有其它选择,你想我会不会帮你工作呢。 GRISSOM: 还有,马上给紧急派遣队电话让全体值夜班人员...马上赶来这里,所有人都要,没有例外。莎拉,将那些照片...放大十倍。通知实验室立即把任何可用的检验工具运送来这里。这是今晚拉斯维加斯唯一的犯罪现场。 SARA: 是的,长官。 REPORTER: 南拉斯维加斯大道上...附近居住的居民...他们产生的恐惧是非常明显的。斯科特.科林斯及其妻子,和两个儿子,被残忍杀害。其时他们正在睡床上,政府就目前为此对此还没有任何评论。这使得附近居民,因为凶手仍未抓获而产生更大恐慌。 DET. O'RILEY: 没事的。我们会把衣服还给你的。实验室人员不过要检验一下。 GRISSOM: 警官,可以让我和她谈谈吗?蒂娜...我对今晚发生在你身上的事,深感难过。但是你要明白,我们带走你房子里面的东西是为了帮助尽快解开,发生在你们家惨案的真相。 TINA COLLINS: 我几时能和妹妹一起?她吓坏了。 GRISSOM: 快了。探员?谢谢。你好。你是叫布伦达吗?我想找出,是谁伤害你的家人你能够帮上我忙吗?今晚,有没有人进过你的房间?从房门进来的?或者是从窗户进来的?好吧。 BRENDA COLLINS: 水牛。 GRISSOM: 水牛?谁是水牛?布伦达?