B: Paige Rycoff, freshman. Couldn't stand the heat, dropped out of school.
G: Dropped out of sight.
B: Booked a one-way ticket home to boulder. Never got there. Four days M.I.A.
G: Missing persons. First 24 hours are gold after that ...
B: ... Quicksand. Hey.
G: Excuse me, but could everyone in this room do me a big favor ... and leave? Please?
B: Thanks, fellas. Thanks, guys. You want me to go, too?
G: ____.
B: ____.
G: Lamp's still on.
B: Yeah, but she didn't take her suitcase, her purse ... or the cab she called.
G: It's like going to the vet without your dog.
B: Maybe she had a change of plan. Or someone changed it for her.
G: ____. ____. Nothing out of place.
B: Come in.
G: ____.
B: Maybe they were in her pocket.
G: If they were in her pocket she could've walked right back in. Why didn't she?
B: One moment Paige Rycoff is here the next ... vanished.
G: People don't vanish, Jim. It's a molecular impossibility.

If you're very still, you can stay She was definitely on her way out of here No sign of struggle Everything's intact Door locks automatically and there were no keys in her purse