N: If it was a hit, the guy came to the front door took out Al and Frankie, and got the witnesses. Bullets will confirm it. Shooter was standing here when he shot Al ... bamm. Once in the chest. This is Flynn. One miss ... One hit ... one through and through.
C: Headphones. Ricochet. Through and through.
N: Each victim gets a different color. Blue beams are isolated. The kid with the cd player was alone.
C: Flynn was closest to the door.
N: Shooter was positioned between Flynn and the front door. Flynn eats it ... ? Nah. I would have taken out big Al ... bodyguard first.
C: Me, too.
N: Ident found both of the bodyguards' paws on the counter.
C: What if the shooter was here when he shot big Al?
N: Big Al would already be dead. ____.
C: If the shooter walked through the front door.
N: ____?
C: Erin McCarty - the employee who was supposed to close up.
N: Yeah. Yeah. Shot twice in the back while headed for the rear exit.
C: ____?
N: What? Like this. I love this job.
C: The ricochet went out into the store. There's no hole in the door. There's no hole in the door 'cause the door had to have been open.
N: Assuming Erin was running for her life the shooter follows her in the back room shoots her twice - he would have been shooting toward the parking lot.
C: He shot toward the parking lot first and then toward the front of the store.
N: He'd only shoot toward the front if there's somebody there.
C: So who was in the line of fire? What if we have it backwards? What if ... the shooting began back here ... with Erin?
N: Yeah, and somebody else saw. Frankie Flynn ____. Wrong place, wrong time.
C: The target was Erin ... ____.

It doesn't make any sense What if he came through the back If she was headed towards the parking lot, how do you explain this ricochet was an innocent bystander the pregnant girl and the rest was damage control