G: ____. Chanteuse. We also found the gun. It hasn't been cleaned.
J: Well, I don't know how to clean a gun. That was my husband's.
G: You know how to shoot one.
J: ____? You talked to them. Boxing lessons and target practice. How long before one of them came in here and opened fire on a hallway full of kids, huh? I just thought that one life was better than 20 ... or 30.
G: Or 11. Captain Brass ran a search on you. Tetrick High School, Tetrick, Arizona. Eleven kids shot a few days after Columbine. ____.
J: I watched them die at my feet. __④__.
G: __⑤__. You might want to mention that to your lawyer.
J: I did this for my kids.
G: You know, Miss Barrett as difficult as high school can be for kids, eventually, it's over ... but too soon for Barry Schickel.

We recovered this from your townhouse on a warrant Do you know how many kids go to school and kill just to get relief from the bullying You were the assistant principal Just because some sophomore couldn't take the jokes about his glasses It says that you were left with post-traumatic stress disorder