G: Braun ____.
C: I figured. So why'd I bring the dummy? Braun's shirt.
G: Robbins opened him up. ____. Remember Burke and Hare the two 19th century Scottish body snatchers ____? Sold their cadavers to teaching hospitals? Got away with it, too, until a medical student discovered his fiance on a slab.
C: Is this part of the Sherlock Holmes Fan Club Kit?
G: Janine Haywood said ____. I think she came back.
C: So Braun would have been on his third or fourth balloon by then.
G: Would have been easy to tape his wrists mash up fifty pills ... and force-feed him a Xanax cocktail. So everything was going great until the gardener showed up. Then I think her plan turned to panic. It takes time to OD - time Janine didn't have. Burke ____.
C: But when you're doing drugs, you're a slob; and when you're being manhandled, you're even sloppier. Like this. He was "burked."

didn't die of a drug overdose accidental or otherwise His lungs were compressed who made a living intoxicating innocent victims and suffocating them that she left the house when the drug dealer arrived would kneel on his victim's chest, right, covering their mouth and nostrils