G: Nick, I need your leg. Show me your bite.
N: Oh, it's no worries. I got some cream.
G: Hey.
N: All right. It's no big deal, really.
G: ____ at the Braun house?
N: 9:15 that morning.
G: ____?
N: About a half hour.
G: You're not the only one with chigger bites.
N: Who is this?
G: Walt Braun. It's now 9:30 at night. ____. Three hours earlier than that Tony Braun was murdered. ____. A chigger attaches itself to a hair follicle injects a digest enzyme into the skin which ruptures the surrounding cells allowing the chigger to suck em up leaving behind a red, itchy bump.
N: So ... ?
G: Walt Braun lied. ____.
N: Ah - I don't know, boss. I mean, ask yourself the question: Are doggie-door prints and chigger bites enough to get a man for murder?

What time did you log in How long after that did you start processing the backyard Approximately 36 hours ago, you were bitten Chiggers run a predictable course We now have an entomological timeline that places him at the house on the day his brother was murdered