O: We were waiting for you. Meet Ronnie Connors.
W: ____?
R: What you talking to him about my business? Ask me.
W: Where's your lawyer?
R: Ask him.
W: ____?
R: My what?
W: Your teeth. I mean, how many toothbrushes does a guy need? ____.
R: Let me tell you something, Breeze. I'm L.A. County/Slauson payback crip, cuz. I got a lot of offspring up in here - black as night. They answer to me because I'm the macaroni. I mean, seriously ... you have any idea who you talking to?
W: Yeah.
J: So I don't have to testify?
W: ____. Ronnie Connors ... bought a toothbrush and some rubber bands at the commissary. He didn't know it but that's the last shank he'll ever make.
J: How'd you know it was RC's?
W: ____. His DNA was all over the blade.
J: Oh, god. I owe you, man.
W: It's not me you have to thank.
J: I love you, grandpa.
C: You're all I got, James. You're everything to me, you hear?

Where's his attorney How's your plaque Apparently, for you it's as many as it takes to make the perfect shank The evidence will testify for you Before he made the shank he shaved with the same razor