K: I told you we have no record Shelley Danvers specifically used the dry sauna.
C: That's okay, 'cause we do. ESDA can read this blank paper ... see what's written on it. Up to 14 layers.
W: ____.
C: That's Miss Danvers' handwriting. We confirm that.
K: So she took a dry sauna. What does that prove?
W: She died of a heat stroke. ____. Your sauna's kept in the optimal condition for heat stroke - 182 degrees. That could kill a person if you left them longer than two straight hours.
B: ____. A hotel employee is supposed to check on the various saunas every 15 minutes. Hotel regulations, right? We, uh, we got a copy of the check-up sheet. No hotel employee checked in on the sauna after 7:30 P.M.
C: So, Shelley was in here from 8:00 until ... what time did you call 9-1-1?
K: I, um ... I came in at closing. 10:00. Miss? Miss? Oh, my god.
C: You moved her into the locker room? Put the robe on her?
K: I was just trying to protect the hotel.
C: ____.
K: ____.

Sometimes a simple flashlight will do the trick The coroner just called in with the results of his final post Especially if no one checks up on them From negligent homicide They drill into us that the reputation of this hotel is everything