A: Did the parcel arrive intact?

B: Yes, there was no damage to it at all.

intact a. 完整无缺的,未经触动的,未受损伤的

A: What is the annual intake of students into your school each year?

B: Oh, about 100 pupils join each year.

intake n. 1. 吸入,纳入;2. 进气口,入口

A: You played an integral part in the project, thanks for your help.

B: You are welcome, but I do not think that my assistance was that important.

integral a. 构成整体所必需的,基本的

A: I admire your integrity.

B: Thanks, I think it is essential to stick to your principles.

integrity n. 1. 正直,诚实,诚恳;2. 完整,完全,完善

A: My intellect is the most important aspect of my mind.

A: And you certainly use your well.

intellect n. 1. 智力,理解力;2. 才智非凡的人

A: Mark always holds intelligible conversation.

B: Yes, he is very smart.

intelligible a. 可理解的,明白易懂的,清楚的

A: We could intensify the light in the room by painting the walls white.

B: Or we could just add more lights.

intensify v. (使)增强,(使)加剧

A: I did not commit the crime with intent.

B: But that will be impossible to prove in court.

intent n. 意图,意向,目的

a. 1. (on)专心的,转注的;2. (on)急切的

to all intents (and purposes) 几乎在一切方面,实际上

A: I would love to sail around the world alone.

B: You must be insane.

insane a. 1. 蠢极的,荒唐的;2. (患)精神病的,精神失常的,疯狂的

A: Can you read the inscription in the book to me?

B: Sorry, I don’t have my glasses and the lettering it too small.

inscription n. 铭文,碑文,题字

A: You are looking tired.

B: Yes, I am suffering from insomnia.

insomnia n. 失眠(症)

A: You are an inspiration to me.

B: You are quite amazing also!

inspiration n. 1. 灵感;2. 鼓舞人心的人(或事物)

A: Did you buy your car with cash?

B: No, I arranged that I will pay in monthly installments.

installment n. 1. 分期付款,分期交付;2. (分期连载的)部分

A: That medicine worked great.

B: Yes, it had instantaneous results.

instantaneous a. 瞬间的,即刻的

A: What are the words to that song you were humming?

B: Oh, it was just an instrumental piece.

instrumental a. 1. (in)起作用的,有帮助的;2. 用乐器演奏的

A: My house is freezing in the winter.

B: Perhaps you need to insulate it better.

insulate vt. 1. 使绝缘,使隔热,使隔音;2. 隔离,使隔绝(以免受到影响)