A: I need to change the wheel of my car, I have a flat.

B: I’ll help, do you have a jack ?

jack n. 千斤顶

vt. 1. 用千斤顶顶起;2. 停止,放弃;3. 提高,增加

A: What type of stone is your ring?

B: It is jade, quite rare.

jade n. 1. 玉,翡翠;2. 浅绿(色)

A: Did you understand the article I gave you?

B: No, there was too much jargon and terms that I had not seen before.

jargon n. 术语,行话

A: I’m going to rent a jeep for the weekend and drive to the mountains.

B: Great idea, can I come?

jeep n. 吉普车

A: No, I’m not going to cheat on the exam.

B: Good, there is no point in jeopardising your degree.

jeopardise vt. 危机,损害

A: You nearly hit Andrew on the head.

B: Good thing that he jerked just in time to miss it.

jerk vt. 使猝然一动,猛拉

vi. 猝然一动

n. 急推,急拉,急扭

A: What would you like for your birthday?

B: Some new jewellery would be nice, maybe a necklace.

jewellery n. 珠宝,首饰

A: You’re so small you would make an excellent jockey .

B: Oh, I don’t like horse riding.

jockey n. 1. 骑师;2. [美俚]驾驶员,(机器等的)操作手

vi. (for) 谋取

vt. 劝说,诱使

A: I go for a short jog around the lake every night.

B: You must be very fit.

jog v. / n. 1. 慢跑;2. (尤指不正当地)轻轻碰撞

jog sb.s memory 唤起某人的记忆

A: Mr. Smith has a jolly sense of humour,

B: Yes, I have always found him to be very pleasant.

jolly a. 快乐的,高兴的,愉快的

ad. 很,非常

vt. 劝服,哄

A: Was the car damaged in the accident?

B: No, it just got a slight jolt . There was no damage done.

jolt vt. 1. 使颠簸,使摇晃;2. 使震惊

vi. 颠簸,摇晃

n. 1. 震动,摇动,颠簸;2. 震惊

A: The judicial proceedings will take place after all the evidence has been collected.

B: How long do you think that will take?

judicial a. 1. 司法的,法庭的,审判的;2. 明断的,公正的

A: Shall I pour the milk into a jug ?

B: Yes, if you can find a clean one!

jug n. 1. 大罐,壶;2. 一大罐(壶)的容量

A: I’m trying to juggle two jobs at once.

B: That must be difficult, how do you manage?

juggle v. 1. (用球等)玩杂耍;2. 尽力应付,力图平衡;3. 篡改(数字等)以图掩盖