A: As a participant in the project, you will be required to attend the sessions twice a week.

B: No problem, but are there any other requirements?

participant n. 参加者,参与者

 A: Are you a member of a political party?

B: No, I do not get involved in partisan politics.

partisan a. 党派的,派性的,偏袒的

n. 1. 党徒,忠实的追随者;2. (敌后)游击队员

A: I thought this room was bigger.

B: Oh, we put up a partition last week.

partition n. 1. 分隔物,隔墙;2. 分割,划分

vt. 隔开,分割,瓜分

A: I am entering into a new business partnership.

B: Oh, with whom?

partnership n. 合伙(关系),合伙经营(的企业),合伙人身份

A: I am passionate about reading.

B: Yes, I always see you with your head in a book.

passionate a. 1. 多情的;2. 充满激情的,激昂的;3. 热切的,强烈的

A: What is your favourite pastime?

B: Well, I really enjoy swimming.

pastime n. 消遣,娱乐

A: This apple pie is delicious.

B: I agree, I think it must be the pastry.

pastry n. 油酥面团,酥皮糕点

A: How many cows do you have on your pasture?

B: Oh, I am not a dairy farmer.

pasture n. 牧草地,牧场

vt. 放牧

A: I have come up with a new invention.

B: You better patent it quickly, in case someone steals your idea.

patent n. 专利,专利权

a. (有关)专利(权)的,受专利保护的

vt. 得到...的专利权

A: I got a pathetic result in the exam.

B: But at least you still passed.

pathetic a. 1. 差劲的,令人生厌的;2. 引起怜悯的,可怜的,可悲的

A: Do you celebrate your national day each year?

B: No, I’m not a patriot.

patriot n. 爱国者,爱国主义者

A: I always feel so patriotic when my country is playing an international match.

B: Yes, it is strange what football can do!

patriotic a. 爱国的,有爱国心的,显示爱国精神的

A: Patrols are requested to keep noise to a minimum after 10pm.

B: Isn’t that a bit early for a hotel?

patrol v. (在……)巡逻,巡查

n. 1. 巡逻,巡查;2. 巡逻兵,巡逻队

A: Please do not patronize me.

B: I wasn’t , I was trying to compliment you.

patronize vt. 1. 以高人一等的态度对待;2. 经常光顾,惠顾;3. 赞助

A: I am getting my driveway paved tomorrow.

B: That must be expensive.

pave vt. 铺(路),铺筑

pave the way (for) (为……)铺平道路,(为……)做准备