A: What type of tree is that?

B: I think it is a maple

maple n. 槭树,枫树,槭木

A: I really dislike Stephanie.

B: Don’t try to mar me with your negative impressions of her before I even meet her.

mar vt. 破坏,毁坏

A: I’m getting a new fireplace installed.

B: Is it the marble one you had your eye on?

marble n. 1. 大理石;2. (用玻璃、石头等制成的)弹子;3. [pl.]弹子游戏

A: The mare is expecting her foal in three weeks.

B: Oh! I thought a mare was a male horse, silly me!

mare n. 母马,母驴

A: Did you do well in the exam, Sir?

B: Yes, you only made some marginal errors.

marginal a. 1. 微小的,少量的,不重要的;2. 仅以微弱多数票获胜的;3. 记(或引)在页边的,有旁注的

A: Have you ever smoked marijuana?

B: No, I have never tried drugs.

marijuana n. 大麻,大麻烟

A: What is your marital status?

B: I am married.

marital a. 婚姻的,夫妻的

A: I’m going to visit the maritime museum this afternoon.

B: I assume that it is the one by the sea.

maritime a. 1. 海的,海事的,航海的;2. 近海的,海的

 A: It rained so much. My garden is like a marsh.

B: Don’t worry, it will dry out soon.

marsh n. 沼泽,湿地

A: I was a marshal in the army for 11 years.

B: Gosh, that is a high rank, you must have worked hard to get there.

marshal n. 1. 元帅,最高指挥官;2. (某些群众活动的)总指挥,司仪;3. (美国的)执法官,警察局长,消防队长

vt. 整理,排列,集结

A: I read that the ancient Romans were martial people.

B: I’m not sure if they were inclined to war.

martial a. 战争的,军事的,武术的

A: The sunset is amazing.

B: Yes, I am sitting here marveling at it right now.

marvel vi. (at) 惊叹,赞佩

vt. 对……感到惊异

n. 令人惊异(或不可思议)的事,奇迹

A: That girl looks particularly masculine.

B: Maybe it is because she lifts weights.

masculine a. 1. 男性的,男子的;2. 男子气的

A: Shall I mash your potatoes?

B: No, thanks, I like them whole.

mash vt. (up) 把……捣成糊状

n. 糊状物

A: The soldiers massacred each other with gunfire during the war.

B: Do you know how many people were killed?

massacre vt. 1. 大规模屠杀,残杀;2. 彻底击败

n. 1. 大屠杀,残杀;2. (比赛等)残败