A: I think we have an obligation to protect our natural habitat.

B: I agree. That is why I promote recycling.



 A: How did he get your personal details?

B: He hacked into my computer and stole them.

hack vt. 1. 劈,砍;2. 骑(马)缓行

vi. 1. 劈,砍;2. 开出租车;3. 骑马缓行

n. 1. 蹩脚文人,雇佣文人;2. 出租车,出租车司机;3. 劈,砍;4. 骑用马,供出租的马

hack into 私自存取或篡改(他人电脑资料)

hack through 在...中开路

A: Is it snowing?

B: No, I think it is hail.

hail n. 1. 雹;2. 一阵

vi. 下雹

vt. 1. 招呼,高呼;2. 热情赞扬,为……喝彩

hail from 来自,出生于

A: Would you like to have a hamburger?

B: No thanks. I’m a vegetarian.

hamburger n. 1. 汉堡包;2. 牛肉糜

A: I won a hamper in the raffle.

B: Well done. Can I have a share of your winnings!

hamper vt. 妨碍,束缚,限制

n. (有盖的)大篮子

A: Do you know when our summer holidays are from university?

B: I’m not sure of the dates, but if you look in the handbook they are printed on the second page.

handbook n. 手册,便览

A: Your injury must have been a severe handicap.

B: At the time it was, but now I have adapted.

handicap n. 1.(身体或智力方面的)缺陷;2. 障碍,不利条件

vt. 妨碍,使不利

A: There was a case of harassment in my workplace.

B: Sounds serious. What was the outcome?

harassment n. 1. 骚扰,扰乱;2. 烦恼,烦乱

A: Will I be able to leave these plants outdoors during the winter?

B: Yes, they are hardy and will survive the cold weather.

hardy a. 1. 能吃苦耐劳的,坚强的;2. (植物等)耐寒的

A: Do you play any musical instruments?

B: Yes, I play the harp.

harp n. 竖琴

vi. (on, upon) 唠叨,喋喋不休地说

A: That was a hasty retreat he made from the room.

B: I don’t think that he wanted to be here.

hasty a. 1. 草率的,轻率的;2. 急速的,匆忙的,仓促完成的

A: Have the chicks hatched yet?

B: No, perhaps they will in a couple more days.

hatch vt. 1. 孵出,孵;2. 筹划,图谋,策划

vi. (out)(小鸡等)出壳,孵出

n. 1. (飞机等的)舱门;2. (门等的)开口;3. 孵化

A: I had to haul the coal indoor every day during the winter when I was a child.

B: Oh you poor thing, what a hard life!

haul vt. 1. (用力)拖,拉;2. (用车等)托运,运送

n. 1. 拖,拉,拖运;2. 一次获得(或偷得等)的数量