A: My intuition told me that he is bad news.

B: Yes, I never trusted him either.

intuition n. 直觉

A: I am afraid this is the only piece of identification that I have.

B: But it is out of date which makes it invalid.

invalid a. 1. (指法律上)无效的,作废的;2. 无可靠根据的,站不住脚的

n. (需要有人照顾的)病弱者,残疾者

A: Your help was invaluable to me, thanks.

B: Don’t mention it, it was my pleasure.

invaluable a. 非常宝贵的,极为贵重的,无价的

A: Invariably the car broke down on the way to my exam.

B: Typical! What did you do?

invariably ad. 不变地,始终如一地,总是

A: I would like to have an inventory of all the furniture in the house before I move in.

B: Certainly, that can be arranged.

inventory n. 详细目录,存货清单

make inventory 清查存货,存货盘存;调查;评价

A: I can’t get the lid off this jar, Mum.

B: Try inverting it and then bang the jar on the floor.

invert vt. 使倒转,使倒置,使颠倒

A: Ironically, I missed the plane even though I was at the airport two hours in advance.

B: I call that unlucky!

ironically ad. 1. 具有讽刺意味地;2. 嘲讽地,挖苦地

A: Do you think Jack is a good comedian?

B: No, he relies too heavily on irony.

irony n. 1. 反语,冷嘲;2. 具有讽刺意味的事,嘲弄

A: Irrespective of the weather, I think we should still go sailing.

B: But what if there is a thunder storm?

irrespective a. (of) 不考虑的,不顾及的

A: Despite the dry weather, I am amazed at how many crops the farmers are growing.

B: That is because they have developed an extensive and efficient irrigation system.

irrigation n. 灌溉

A: My little sister always irritates me.

B: Mine is also very annoying.

irritate vt. 1. 使恼怒,使烦躁;2. 使(身体某部分)不适,使疼痛

A: Is Iran a Christian country?

B: No, it is Islamic.

Islamic a. 伊斯兰教的,伊斯兰教信徒的

A: The isle where we camped was just one hour by boat off shore.

B: Were there any inhabitants on it?

isle n. 小岛,岛

A: I’m itching to travel.

B: Perhaps you can go away following your studies.

itch vi. 1. 痒,发痒;2. 渴望,热望

vt. 使发痒

A: Your necklace is very unusual.

B: That’s because it is made out of ivory.

ivory n. 1. 象牙;2. 象牙色,乳白色

A: I need to cut back the ivy from my windows.

B: Yes, it tends to grow at a rapid rate.

ivy n. 常春藤