A: Please do not hurl the rubbish across the room, children.

B: Sorry Miss, we won’t do it again.

hurl vt. 1. 猛投,力掷;2. 大声叫骂

A: The winds were so strong that I thought it was a hurricane.

B: Was there any damage done?

hurricane n. 飓风

A: I hushed the children up.

B: Good, they were making too much noise.

hush v.(使)安静下来 n. 安静,寂静

bush up 防止……张扬出去,掩盖

A: Do you like going into the city on the train?

B: No, there is too much noise and hustle.

hustle vt. 1. 推搡,猛推;2. 竭力兜售或获取 vi. 1. 竭力兜售或获取;2. 催促,催赶 n. 忙碌,奔忙

A: Universities are how hybrids of the academic and the business worlds.

B: I agree, and unfortunately the students often get neglected.

hybrid n. 1. 杂交生成的生物体,杂交植物(或动物);2. 混合物,合成物

A: His hygiene standards are terrible.

B: Yeah, I don’t think that he has the chance to wash very often.

hygiene n. 卫生,保健学

A: We will sing the hymn on page 100 of your books today.

B: Oh, but we sang that one last week.

hymn n. 赞美诗,圣歌,颂歌

 A: The hue from the lights was golden.

B: Yes, they created a wonderful atmosphere in the room.

hue n. 色彩,色调

hue and cry 1. 大声抗议,呐喊;2. 捉拿声

A: He hugged the teddy bear for a feeling of security.

B: Why didn’t he hug you?

hug vt. 1.(热烈地)拥抱;2. 紧抱,怀抱 vi. 紧抱在一起,互相拥抱 n. 紧抱,热烈拥抱

A: Can you hum along to this tune?

B: I would if I knew it, but I am afraid that I don’t .

hum vi. 1. 哼曲子;2. 发嗡嗡声;3. (with)忙碌,活跃 vt. 哼(曲子) n. 嗡嗡声,营营声,嘈杂声

A: What do you think is more beneficial to humanity, socks or shoes?

B: What type of a silly question is that!

humanity n. 1. 人类,[总称]人;2. 人性;3. 人道,博爱,仁慈;4.[pl.]人文学科

A: The humidity reached almost ninety five percent.

B: That is almost unbearable, you must have found it difficult.

humidity n. 湿度,潮湿,湿气

A: You humiliated me in front of my friends.

B: Sorry, please forgive me, I didn’t intend it.

humiliate vt. 使蒙羞,羞辱,使丢脸

A: Did you run in the race?

B: Yes, but I knocked down three hurdles and so came in last.

hurdle n. 1. 跳栏,栏架;2. 障碍,困难 vi. 进行跨栏赛