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Yesterday, I decided to get my pants altered. I had $200 in my wallet, which was more than enough for the alteration. Foolishly however, I got lost taking an alternate route to the tailor shop. Fortunately, I had aspirin to alleviate my headache. Walking further, I noticed a red balloon aloft, rising to a higher altitude. It distracted me, causing me to bump into two young brothers. They looked alike but seemed opposite in personality. One was clearly aloof but the other appeared to be an altruistic individual. He could sense I was lost and happily gave me directions. Such altruism is so rare these days. What an ally he can be to a lost person! The contrast in their personalities reminded me of the biblical allegory of Cain and Abel. But it would be too hasty to allege such a contrast given that I didn't really know them. I continued on my way but was allured into a bike shop by a window photo of a lovely girl on a mountain bike. Below the photo, it said, "ride rough, ride real," a clever alliteration. I felt there was no alternative but to enter the shop. The owner was an alumnus from my university. He alluded that the best bike for me would be the $200 bike that was displayed in the window photo. It was made out of a special lightweight alloy. He also offered to adjust my tire alignment for free. Well, I didn't make it to the tailor that day. But I did ride home on a new bike. As for my pants? Well, the bike shop owner cut the pant legs off for free. Now I have a cool pair of shorts for riding.
昨天,我决定去裁缝店改裤子。我钱包里有200美元,改条裤子是绰绰有余了。但我在另选路线去裁缝店时竟然傻不拉叽地迷路了。幸好我带着阿司匹林,头痛才得以减轻。 往前走不远,我注意到一只红气球飘在空中,它越飘越高。我盯着气球出神,不小心跟两兄弟撞了满怀。他们长得很像,但性格迥异:一位是明显的漠不关心,另一位看起来则是个利他主义者。他能感觉到我迷路了,便欣然为我指路。这样的利他主义现在实在罕见。对一位迷路者而言,他可谓盟友了!二人的性格反差让我想起了《圣经》里该隐与亚伯的寓言。不过,我并不真正了解他们,所以当下断言二人性格如该隐和亚伯那般性格迥异未免过于草率。 我继续往前走,不一会儿,我在一家自行车商店的橱窗里看到了一张骑山地车的美女照片。在照片的诱惑下,我走进这家商店。照片下有一行字:“骑山地车才是真我体验。”很聪明的押头韵嘛。我觉得除了走进商店外别无选择。 店主是我所在大学的校友。他暗示道,最合适我的自行车就是橱窗照片上价值200美元的那辆。它用一种特殊的轻型合金制成。他还提出为我免费调整轮胎,使之成直线排列。 这样一来,那天我就没能去成裁缝店。不过,我确实骑着一辆崭新的自行车回家了。至于我的裤子嘛,自行车店的店主免费帮我剪短了。现在我就有一条骑车时穿的酷酷短裤了。