Love Can Work Miracles

How an ordinary family overcame incredible challenges




Growing up, many things didn't come easily for 24-year-old Jenny Hu of Xinjiang province, China. Simple activies like speaking clearly, wallking and writing were difficult, even impossible, due to cerebral palsy. However, her parents'dedication, combined with Jenny's own determination, proves miracles are possible.

The parents'story
When Jenny was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as an infant, doctors advised her parents to give her up. She'd never care for herself, smile or even recognize her parents, the doctor told them. Why not have another child that would be healthy and wouldn't take so much effort to raise? Refusing to follow such advice, Jenny's parents instead focused on helping their daughter become better. Her dad massaged her stiff muscles daily and prepared her Chinese medicines. Her mom devoted herself to meeting Jenny's daily needs. Their efforts paid off as Jenny's health steadily improved. Then one day, Jenny confessed that she was afraid to turn seven. If she still couldn't walk or write, how could she succeed in school? Thus, Jenny and her parents faced a new challenge.

Word Bank:


determination (n)决心
Healther won the speech contest because of her determination. She worked harder than anybody else.

infant (n)婴儿
Michelle is taking her 6-month-old infant to the doctor for her shots.

massage (v)为……按摩
Daniel's wife massaged his back when he got home from a hard day at work.

devote (v)专心致力;为……奉献心力
Mrs. Larson devoted herself to helping her students improve their English.