VI 阅读理解


Arctic fox(北极狐) is a kind of small fox that lives in the Arctic. It grows about 50 centimeters long, not including its tail, 30 centimeters tall and weighs from 3 to 7 kilos.

The Arctic foxes are white or blue in color. The white ones are white in winter, but grey-brown in summer. The blue ones are blue-grey all year round. The Arctic foxes have long, thick hair that is called fur. And the long fur covers their whole bodies, including both their cat eyes and rabbit feet, to keep them warm in the low temperature in the Arctic.

The Arctic foxes feed mainly on birds, birds’ eggs and other small animals. Teamwork is the way they look for food, and they don’t like to do that alone.

Baby Arctic foxes are very lovely. They don’t open their eyes until a week after their birth. For the first half of the year, their parents offer them food. They begin to look for food on their own when they are about six months old. The next year they can live alone. 

Today, the number of the Arctic foxes is becoming smaller and smaller, because people kill them for their fur to make beautiful coats for money. Something must be done to protect the Arctic foxes.

41.Not all the Arctic foxes change their colors in different seasons.

42. The Arctic foxes have rabbit eyes and cat feet.

43. Baby Arctic foxes are born with their eyes open.

44. Birds, birds’ eggs and other small animals are the main food for the Arctic foxes.

45. According to the passage, there are more Arctic foxes now.

第二节 阅读B、C、D三部分内容,从各小题所给的四个选项中选出能回答所提问题或完成所给句子的一个最佳答案。

•  Last month, some volunteers from Xi’an went to a middle school in the mountain area. They gave away 40 beds, 2 computers and hundreds of books to the students. The school lies deep in the mountains. Students have to live in the school. But the school was too poor to provide beds for them, so they had to sleep on the desks. Thanks to the volunteers, now the students can sleep on their own beds in the school.

•  The Zapps, from Argentina( 阿根廷), began their tour in their old cars several years ago. They travelled to over 40 countries with four kids. Many people wondered what made them travel around the world. They said, “It’s just oue dream, a big dream, from Argentina to the whole world. Thanks to those who supported us during our journey, our dream came true in the end. “Do you want to see your dream come true?” If so, why not start right away?

•  Jack Tsonis and Lindsay Morrison in Sydney decided to do something special on the UN’s International Day of Peace. They both loved peace. They both wanted to break the world record for the longest handshake to bring more love and peace to the world. To break the world record, they needed to shake hands for over 11 hours without a stop. Finally they make it. Their arms hurt a lot, but they were very happy. 

46. The volunteer gave away  ___ to the students.

A. beds and computers   B. clothes and books  

C. desks and beds       D. beds and bags.

47. What can we learn from the second story?

A. We can hardly travel around the world if we have an old car.

B. We can travel around the world if nobody helps us.

C. We should realize our dreams if we have lots of money.

D. We should start right away if we want to realize our dream.

48. Which is TRUE about the men in the last story?

A. It took them less than 11 hours to break the world record.

B. They were happy though they didn’t break the world record.

C. Both of them loved peace.             D. They often shook hands