X 补全对话


(Miss Yu is giving a class. Suddenly some bottles drop out of a student’s desk.)

T: What’s the noise there?.

S: Sorry, Miss Yu. 76.                                    

T: (Walking over to take a look) Oh, so many bottles.

S: I’m collecting bottles.

T: 77.                                  

S: Because I want to make toys out of them.

T: 78.                           If so, why not put a big paper box at the back of our classroom? 

Then your classmate can help collect the bottles.

S: Thanks for your advice.

T: 79.                             

S: Yes, quite a few.

T: 80.                                           

S: Of course, I’ll bring a few here tomorrow. 

T: Perfect!

That’s an interesting idea.      We can’t wait to see the toys you’ve made.
Some bottles dropped onto the floor.  Can you show some to us one day?
Could you help us make some toys?    Have you already made some toys?
Why do you collect bottles?

B) 根据下面对话中的情境,在每个空白处填入一个适当的语句,使对话恢复完整。

A: Hi, Bob! How was your last weekend?

B: 81.                                         I really had a good time.

A: 82.                                             

B: I played basketball.

A: 83.                                    

B: Twice a week. I like it very much. How did you spend your last weekend? 

A: 84.                                    

B: Sounds interesting. Do you often go to the mountains?

A: Yes. Once a week. 85.                                                     

B: I’d love to. But I’m afraid I can’t go with you this weekend. Maybe next week is OK.