V 完形填空


Wang Yani was born in 1975. Even as a baby she loved to draw. Her father was an  31 .Yani wanted to be like him. So she tried to stand like her father as she painted, which made him laugh. 

One day, Yani painted lines on her faher’s painting. He got 32  . At the time she was only two and a half years old. She cried and said, “I want to  33  like you!” Her father looked at her without saying anything. He  34  remembered his childhood(童年). He also wanted to draw and paint, but his parents didn’t understand. They just got angry. He didn’t want to see the same thing happen to his daughter. So he decided to  35  her. 

With her father’s help, Yani soon  36  . Her lines became flowers, trees, and animals. Her father took her to parks and zoos to get  37  for her paintings. By the end of six, Yani had made over 4,000 works. Her paintings were very special. People  38  her works. When she was eight, one of her paintings was made into a Chinese postage stamp.

Yani became famous when she was young. Her works were  39  in different countries in Asia, Europe and North America, 40  her parents never sold her paintings. She is well-known in the world, and art is still a great joy in her life.

31. A. actor         B. athlete               C. artist           D. engineer

32. A. angry        B. excited               C. sad            D. interested 

33. A. laugh        B. speak                 C. stand           D. paint 

34. A. happily       B. clearly                C. hardly          D. usually

35. A. help         B. stop                    C. refuse          D. miss

36. A. did homework  B. made money       C. did sports       D. made progress

37. A. news        B. time                  C. ideas           D. luck

38. A. hated        B. loved                C. found          D. forget

39. A. lost         B. sold                   C. bought          D. shown

40. A. and         B. but                    C. so              D. or