Unit 7 Reality TV


After several auditions and screenings, Shane and Eliza were going to be on a reality TV show. The show was called Double Dare. They were going to have to test their courage by performing daredevil stunts.


The day of the show, they were both antsy. What were they going to have to do? They soon found out! The host of the show told them they had to run through a swamp that was filled with electric eels. Eliza couldn’t believe it. It was crazy.


What if they were electrocuted? They rolled up their pants and when the host said, “Go!” they ran as fast as they could. About midway across, Shane stepped on an eel. The eels hissed and bit his ankle. Shane fell into the water. Eliza stopped running, “Come on, Shane,” she shouted. She went over to him and helped him out. He was limping now.


They made it across the swamp in less than 10 minutes, which was the fastest time of all the contestants. They won ten thousand dollars, but Shane had to be rushed to the hospital to have his ankle looked at.




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