Unit 5 Into Ashes 化为灰烬

The summer of 2002 saw many forest fires. It had been a very dry year and forest fires were everywhere. One particular fire could not becontrolled and it destroyed a small housing community called Scenic Hill. Luckily, the community had received a warning from the fire fighters; and the residents were able to escape but their homes and belongings turned to ashes.

Thirty-four homes out of fifty-eight burnt down. Many people lost everything and didn’t have any house insurance. The media covered the tragedy and donation funds were set up so people could give money to help out the homeless families.

Local hotels gave free rooms and provided meals. Neighboring communities went through their belongings and packed up things like clothing, canned food, blankets, shoes and toys to donate to the families in need.

The people of Scenic Hill may have lost their homes, but they did not lose their faith in humanity. With the help and generosity of others, they slowly began to build up their community again.



【美】 Meredith Walker 著   陈怡芬 译