Unit 6 Lynne Cox 琳·考克斯

Lynne Cox has shattered world swimming records, out swam men and women alike, and swam distances never swam before.

At the young age of fifteen, she broke the men’s and women’s records for her 33-mile swim across the English Channel. At seventeen, she broke the men’s record for swimming the Catalina Channel.

Her accomplishments hold a special place in hearts around the world. In 1987, she swam the Bering Straight. It is the channel that creates the border between Alaska and Siberia. Her swim opened the US-Soviet border for the first time in 48 years.

About three months after her swim across the Bering Straight, Ronald Regan and Mickael Gorbachov met to sign the INF missile treaty.

At the signing Gorbachov said, “It took a daring American by the name of Lynne Cox just two hours to swim between our countries. It shows me just how close our two countries are and the relationship between us is changing.”

Her ability to beat treacherous waters,withstand freezing temperatures and push her body to such extreme limits inspires people on so many levels. It even can bring countries together!



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