[00:00.00]沪江网 Unit 6 I'm more outgoing than my sister
[00:06.90]I am bigger than you,aren't I?Yeah.
[00:20.95]Haha... I am taller than you,aren't I ?Yeah.
[00:28.40]Ha ha...Also,I run faster than you!Haha...,Right?Yeah.
[00:39.55]Haha...I am stronger than you,little mouse!
[00:46.03]I am going to eat you!
[00:50.39]But wait,wait a minute!You forgot one thing.
[00:56.03]What? You are also heavier than I am?Bye-bye!
[01:55.10]I'm Mike.I'm 13 years old.I'm tall and heavy.
[02:02.96]I have curly hair.I like music,especially loud rock music.
[02:11.50]I think that's full of energy.
[02:16.15]I would like to share my ideas with my friends.
[02:21.71]In my class,I have a lot of friends who are similar to me.
[02:28.56]I like sports.Of all the ball games.
[02:33.70]I love basketball best.
[02:37.83]My teachers and friends think I'm very athletic.
[02:43.89]Are you like me?No.I'm not the same as you.
[02:49.95]First,My name is Mark not Mike.
[02:55.41]We are the same age.I'm 13 years old too.
[03:01.47]As you can see.I'm short and thin.
[03:06.33]I want to be tall just like you.
[03:11.61]My hair is short and straight.
[03:16.28]I like music with gentle and quiet sounds.
[03:22.74]I enjoy it very much.
[03:26.71]Usually,I like talking with my friends but only with one or two.
[03:34.15]I can't stand when some people chat together.
[03:39.51]I spend most of my spare time reading books with gentle music playing.
[03:47.55] Sometimes I hate sports because I'm not good at it.
[03:54.50]Do you think Mike is like me?
[04:32.56]Mike and Mark: 13
[04:42.02]Mike:tall heavy Mark:short thin
[04:57.06]Mike: like loud music Mark: like gentle&quiet music
[05:16.92]Mike:like sports Mark: hate sports/like reading
[05:44.29]Mike: like talking with friends
[05:54.32]Mark:only talk with one or two friends
[06:02.58]Mike is taller than Mark.
[06:12.74]He is also heavier than Mark.
[06:22.77]Mark is shorter and thinner than Mike.
[06:33.93]Mike is more energetic than Mark.
[07:01.17]Mark is quieter than Mike.
[07:12.43]Mike is more outgoing than Mark.
[07:32.00]Mike is more athletic than Mark.
[07:56.24]Mike is taller than Mark.He is heavier than Mark.
[08:03.19]So Mark is shorter and thinner than Mike.
[08:09.35]As for personality,Mike is more energetic than Mark.
[08:16.20]He is also more outgoing and athletic than Mark.
[09:03.14]1. 1) + -er tall---taller
[09:14.50]2) -e: + -r large --- larger
[09:25.97]3) y -->i+ -erbusy---busier
[09:42.03]4) thin---thinner
[09:54.99]2.more energetic---more energetic
[10:15.05]3.good---better bad/ill---worse many/much---more little---less
[10:41.52]1.Ken is funnier than Julia.
[10:57.08]2.Gina is smarter than Mary .
[11:05.42]3.Lee is more athletic than Gray.
[11:14.77]4.Dave is less popular than Richard.
[11:55.73]Ok,listen carefully.
[13:03.67]1.Who is Peter?
[13:10.13]He is Henry's best friend.
[13:14.10]2.What is Peter like?
[13:18.22]He is popular,outgoing,athietic,funny and wild.
[13:25.17]3.Why does Mary like her best friend vera?
[13:32.25]Because Vera is a good listener and she kiips secrets for Mary.
[13:38.18]4.What are the differences between Mary and her friend Vera?
[13:44.95]Vera is much quieter and more intellectual than Mary.
[13:50.59]And Mary is more outgoing.
[13:54.35]Key Works
[14:37.32]Key phrases
[14:40.80]be good at
[14:45.34]two years ago
[14:50.02]be outgoing
[14:55.06]all the time
[15:00.34]in some ways
[15:05.09]looks the same
[15:09.95]talk to everyone
[15:15.70]make me laugh
[15:20.55]Key sentence structure
[15:24.39]Pedro is funnier than Paul.
[15:29.65]Tom is more athletic than Sam.
[15:35.42]Is that Tara?No,it isn't.It's Tina.
[15:42.55]Tara's shorter than Tina.
[15:46.91]Do you look the same?
[15:50.44]No,I'm a little taller than her.
[15:56.00]Who do you think should get the job,Ruth or Rose?
[16:02.53]Well,Ruth is more intellectual.
[16:08.18]I think she should get the job.