[00:00.00]沪江网 Culture unit1 Growing up around the world.
[00:06.58]I had to get up at six o'clock every morning
[00:14.55]and ride my bike five miles to school.
[00:20.30]In winter,it was very cold,
[00:25.76]and in summer it was very hot,but I didn't mind.
[00:32.42]I liked to exercise.We wore school uniforms to school,
[00:39.55]not like Canadian kids today.
[00:44.12]Some of the girls liked their school uniforms,
[00:49.68]but the uniform for boys looked strange.
[00:55.25]We had to wear crazy straw hats!
[01:00.29]Our school wasn't in a very good place.
[01:06.04]It was next to a train station.
[01:10.69]Sometimes it was difficult to hear the teacher because of all the trains outside.
[01:18.65]The school was small,too.And the classrooms were very crowded.
[01:27.30]There were usually forty or fifty students in every class.
[01:35.48]There was no TV at that time,so we didn't know a lot about the rest of the world.
[01:44.12]I remember our geography textbook had beautiful photographs
[01:52.48]from far away places like India,
[01:57.76]China,and Africa.
[02:02.31]Geography was really interesting for kids in those days!
[02:09.36]Families were poor
[02:13.72]because it was the time of the great Depression.
[02:18.76]I wore my elder brother's old uniform.
[02:24.51]My shoes had holes where you coud see my toes.It was terrible!
[02:33.26]We were poor but we still enjoyed ourselves
[02:39.43]I loved to play baseball and ice hockey after class.
[02:46.87]But we played ice hockey on frozen ponds.
[02:52.93]Not inside like the kids today.