[00:00.00]沪江网 Culture unit 2 What did you have for dinner?
[00:06.90]Mind you manners!
[00:11.34]Around the world,people have different ideas about what "good" table manners are.
[00:20.72]In India,for example,people only eat with their right hand.
[00:28.16]You take food from one dish on the table.
[00:33.52]usually nan--a kind of bread or rice.
[00:39.58]mix it with food from another dish and then put it in your mouth.
[00:46.63]Your left hand stays still.
[00:51.98]Eating with you left hand is very rude!
[00:58.04]In the west,people don't usually share the same dishes.
[01:05.62]Everyone has his or her own plate of food.
[01:12.78]You eat with a knife and fork,
[01:17.74]and you shouldn't wave them around if you aren't using them.
[01:24.40]And you should try not to make any eating noises,
[01:30.75]even if the food is good.
[01:35.22]People think that's bad table manners!
[01:40.47]When you go to restaurants in different parts of the world,
[01:46.74]it's important to know the right and wrong things to do.
[01:53.68]For example,in China it's OK to make a lot of noise in a restaurant.
[02:01.73]In fact,if a restaurant isn't noisy,
[02:07.69]You may think there's something wrong with it.
[02:13.56]However,in many western countries,restaurants are quiet places.
[02:22.92]If a table is too loud,
[02:27.30]other customers might even complain to the management.
[02:34.07]Paying the bill is also different from country to country.
[02:40.91]In China,one person usually pays for everyone.
[02:47.76]In western countries,one person pays if he or she is entertaining clients.
[02:58.13]but when friends eat together,They usually share the cost.
[03:05.26]This is called 'going Dutch."
[03:09.94]Also,when westerners pay the check,
[03:15.21]They usually leave some money for the waiter.
[03:21.27]This is called 'leaving a tip.'
[03:26.32]Not leaving a tip is very rude.
[03:31.96]In the US,it's common to leave tips of 10%,15% or 20% of the check,
[03:43.53]depending on how good the service was.
[03:48.26]Good waiters can earn a lot of money!
[03:53.53]The way peole eat food is different throughout the world,
[04:00.51]but you can find the same kinds of food in many countries.
[04:08.76]Chinese and Italian food,for example,are pupular all over the world.