[00:00.00]沪江网 Unit 2 What's the matter?
[00:04.88]What's the matter with you? Oh,I have a cough.
[00:19.85]Oh,that's terrible.Are you sure that isn't SARS?
[00:27.92]Of course not.
[00:31.87]I don't have a headacheor a fever.
[00:36.62]But what's wrong with you?You look frightened.
[00:41.77]Nothing serious.the doctor said I may have gotten bird flu.Oh,boy!
[04:13.73]I have a toothache.
[04:31.18]I have a stomachache.
[04:36.64]I have a headache.
[04:41.70]I have a sore throat.
[04:47.76]I have a sore back.
[04:53.33]I have a sore eye.
[04:58.68]I have a cold.
[05:03.54]I have a fever.
[05:09.00]I have a cough.
[05:13.73]I get pain in my ear.
[05:19.48]have +...
[05:37.14]I have a headache.I have a fever.
[06:31.44]sore back\sore throat\sore eye
[06:42.39]get pain in
[06:49.94]I get pain in my ear.
[06:56.91]I get pain in my foot.
[07:02.48]I get pain in my leg.
[07:24.50]I ache all over .
[07:30.25]Her head ache all night.
[07:44.12]1.Tony coughs a lot and he has a( sore throat).
[07:59.45]2.He has (sore eyes) because he often reads in the sun.
[08:06.09]3.Sam eats too much candy,so he has a bad (toothache).
[08:13.53]Julia has a toothache.
[08:32.47]Gina has a sore throat.
[08:37.22]Wang Li has a stomachache.
[08:41.98]Ken has a fever.
[08:45.95]Katrina has a sore back.
[08:50.68]Linda has a cough.
[09:28.37]Tom had a headache.
[09:35.03]You should lie down and rest.
[09:53.08]Julia has a toothache.She should see the dentist soon.
[09:59.04]Gina has a sore throat.She should drink some hot tea with honey.
[10:05.39]Wang Li has a stomachache.He should lie down and rest for a while.
[10:12.34]Ken has a fever.He should drink lots of water.
[10:18.50]Katrina has a sore back.She should do less exercise.
[10:24.88]Linda has a cough.She chould drink more water or ome honey.
[10:38.43]tired stressed out be tired/stressed out
[11:02.91]I am tired.I am atressed out.
[11:12.26]1.If you are dired:
[11:30.44]You should go to bde early.You should listen to music.
[11:36.69]You should trink lots of water. You should drink some coffee.
[11:43.03]You shouldn't go shopping.You shouldn't exercise a lot.
[11:50.09]You shouldn't stay up late.
[11:54.66]1.What's the matter,July?I'm stressed (B.out). A.off B.out c.in
[12:06.80]2.My mom often (C.gets tired) when she comes home from work.
[12:14.75]3.Poor Sam (A.has) a toothache.So he (A.shouldn't) eat ice cream today.
[12:23.71]4.Our English teacher (A.can't) speak because she has a (A.bad) toothache.
[12:32.54]5.Mary doesn't look (very well).She should (lie down) have a rest.
[12:40.97]1. Jordan felt very tired after the game.
[13:20.24]2. I feel stressed out because I can't speak English well.
[13:31.78]3.You should stay at home during the SARS.
[13:41.73]Problem: quiet and tired
[14:12.48]too much: yin
[14:19.92]should eat: hot yang food
[14:29.17]example food: beef,lamb,dangshen,Huangqi,herbs
[14:42.83]Problem: stressed out and angry
[14:51.61]too much: yang
[14:56.26]should eat: cooling yin food
[15:04.02]example: tofu,bean sprouts
[15:12.07]Key words.
[16:08.02] cold
[16:31.87] sore throat
[16:37.83] dentist
[16:46.52]Key phrases
[16:49.76]see a doctor or dentist
[16:57.91]get or have a cold
[17:04.76]have a toothache
[17:09.83]have a headache
[17:14.79]have a stomachache
[17:20.85]have a backache
[17:25.99]have a sore back
[17:32.47]have a sore throat
[17:38.35]have a fever
[17:43.31]lie down and rest
[17:49.79]drink lots of water
[17:55.36]drink hot tea with honey
[18:03.90] stressed out
[18:09.46]listen to music
[18:15.24]get tired
[18:22.08]stay or keep healthy
[18:29.34]at the moment
[18:34.80]on the other hand
[18:40.76]Key Sentence Structures
[18:44.81]What's the matter with you?
[18:48.57]I have a headache.
[18:52.41]What's the matter with her?She has a toothache.
[18:59.07]What's the matter with him?He has a sore throat.
[19:05.83]What's the matter with them?They have a cold.
[19:11.71]You should go to bed.You shouldn't play outside.
[19:17.56]He should lie down and rest.He shouldn't go to work.
[19:24.41]she should take it easy.She shouldn't be stressed out.
[19:30.86]They should be quiet.They shouldn't talk noisily.
[19:37.10]I'm not feeling well.
[19:41.36]That's a good idea.
[19:45.02]That's too bad.
[19:49.17]I hope you feel better soon.
[19:53.30]I am sorry to hear that.
[19:57.35]I am sorry to hear that you're not feeling well.
[20:02.42]Yes,I think so.
[20:06.36]I guess I should.