[00:00.00]沪江网 Unit 6 I'm more outgoing than my sister.
[00:05.80]SECTION A
[00:08.75]1b Listen and number the pairs of twins [1-3] in the picture.
[00:54.70]2a Listen.Are the words in the box used with "-er/-ier"or more?
[01:28.48]2b Listen again.How are Tina and Tara different?Fill in the charts.
[01:59.41]3a Read the article.
[02:04.26]Then road the statements about the article.
[02:08.42]Write "T" (for true), "F" (for false) or "DK" (for don't Know).
[02:17.67]Dear Isabella,Thank you for your last letter.
[02:22.84]Here are photos of me and my twin sister Liu Ying.
[02:27.88]As you can see,
[02:31.04]in some ways we look the same,and in some ways we look different.
[02:37.00]We both have black eyes and black hair,although my hair is shorter than hers.
[02:43.87]We both like sports,although Liu Ying is more athletic than me.
[02:50.92]She's more outgoing, and I'm quieter.
[02:55.49]However, we both enjoy going to parties.
[03:00.24]Please visit us soon! Love, Liu Li.
[03:05.70]SECTION B
[03:13.65]2a Listen.What do Holly and Maria like about their best friends?
[03:21.30]Fill in the first column of the chart.
[04:19.45]2b Listen again.
[04:24.59]How are Holly and Maria the same as and different from best friends?
[04:31.75]Fill in the chart.
[05:29.61]3a Read the article.
[05:35.39]Underline the words that describe what people are like.
[05:40.53]I like to have friends who are like me.
[05:45.00]I'm quieter than most of the kids in my class,and so is my best friend Loretta.
[05:52.44]There are some differences, though.
[05:56.10]I'm more intellectual than Loretta. She's more athletic.
[06:02.06]Dave Morrison
[06:05.22]I like to have friendswho are different from me.
[06:09.66]My best friend Ruben is taller and more outgoing than me.
[06:15.61]We both like sports,but Ruben is more athletic than me.
[06:20.97]Also, I'm quieter than he is.
[06:25.12]Lyle Huang I like to have friends who are different from me.
[06:32.57]My best friend is Li van.
[06:36.41]Livan is really funny and more outgoing than I am.
[06:42.26]But we both like doing the same things. Mary Marciano
[06:49.91]Words and expressions in unit 6
[06:59.76]more than calm wild
[07:08.04]更;更多的;更大的 比 镇静的;无忧虑的 adj.卤莽的;轻率的
[07:16.32]intellectual athletic
[07:21.34]adj.用脑筋的;有智力的;聪明 adj.体格健美的;体格强健的
[07:26.35]both popular
[07:30.73]pron.二者;两者都 adj. 受欢迎的,流行的;通俗的
[07:35.11]be good at schoolwork laugh opposite
[07:43.79]擅长;在...方面做得好 学业;功课 v.笑;发笑 adj.对立的;相反的
[07:52.48]view interest though
[08:01.65]n.观点;想法;态度 兴趣;爱好 conj.虽然;即使;纵然