[00:00.00]page 72
[00:17.01]unit 3 Healthy eating
[00:19.36]单元三 健康的吃
[00:21.71]Look and read
[00:24.63]Our bodies need food to give us energy.
[00:30.30]Look at the food triangle.
[00:34.06]It shows us how much of each kind of food we need very day.
[00:42.00]fat and sugar
[00:45.56]Our bodies need a little fat and sugar.
[00:51.41]milk,cheese and yoghurt
[00:56.19]meat,chicken and fish
[01:01.39]Our bodies need some milk,cheese and yoghurt.
[01:08.47]Our bodies need some meat,chicken and fish.
[01:21.29]Our bodies need plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
[01:28.56]rice,noodles and bread
[01:33.10]Our bodies need a lot of rice,noodles and bread.
[01:39.71]Look and say
[01:42.74]1 How much fruit do we need every day?
[01:46.57]1 每天我们需要多少水果?
[01:50.39]We need plenty of fruit every day.
[01:55.36]2 How much sugar do we need every day.
[01:58.90]2 我们每天需要多少糖。
[02:02.44]We need a little sugar every day.
[02:07.29]page 73
[02:10.66]Look and read
[02:13.83]hamburger French fries
[02:16.70]汉堡包 炸薯条
[02:19.57]steamed chicken with rice and vegetables
[02:24.64]pizza salad
[02:27.30]比萨饼 色拉
[02:29.97]vegetable salad
[02:31.58]蔬菜 沙拉
[02:33.18]steak and vegetables
[02:36.84]fresh fruit
[02:39.76]cream cake
[02:43.00]mango pudding
[02:46.24]strawberry pancake
[02:49.80]lemon jelly
[02:52.72]lemon tea
[02:55.67]orange juice
[03:00.32]banana milkshake
[03:03.67]soya milk
[03:09.18]page 74
[03:14.90]What did you eat yesterday,Danny?
[03:19.13]I had cornflakes with milk and sugar for breakfast.
[03:26.37]That's my favourite breakfast.
[03:30.81]What did you have for breakfast?
[03:34.65]I had some congee.What did you have for lunch?
[03:42.59]I had steamed chicken,rice and vegetable soup.
[03:49.15]I also had some tea.
[03:53.22]I had a hamburger,some French fries,and apple pie and a Coke.
[04:01.87]What did you have for dinner?
[04:05.84]I had steamed fish,rice,boiled vegetables and some milk.
[04:14.48]I also had an apple.
[04:18.25]I like fruit very much.It's very healthy.
[04:24.62]I had some pizza,some French fries and a cake.
[04:31.39]Then I had some ice-cream and sweets.
[04:37.26]page 76
[04:40.79]Read a story
[04:43.64]Mr Ling went to visit his cousin,Miss Chen.
[04:50.01]Mr Ling lived in a flat in the town.
[04:55.26]Miss Chen lived in a little house in the countryside.
[05:01.64]Mr Ling was fat and unhealthy.
[05:07.28]He had and unhealthy diet and he did no exercise.
[05:15.32]Miss Chen was thin and healthy.
[05:20.76]She had a healthy diet and she worked in her garden every day.
[05:29.01]Mr Ling arrived at Miss Chen's house.
[05:35.28]'I'm very tired and I'm very hungry,'said Mr Ling.
[05:44.35]'I want some pizza,some French fries and some ice-cream!"
[05:52.89]'My dear cousin,I don't eat that kind of food in my house.
[06:01.53]I eat only a little fat and sugar.
[06:06.99]I eat some meat,chicken and fish.
[06:13.37]I eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables,
[06:20.13]and I eat a lot of rice and bread,"said Miss Chen.
[06:24.51]并且我吃许多米饭和面包," 陈小姐说。
[06:28.88]Mr Ling stayed with Miss Chen.
[06:33.46]He ate a lot of rice,plenty of fruit and vegetables,and some meat.
[06:43.91]He worked in Miss Chen's garden every day.
[06:50.46]In a few weeks,Mr Ling became thin and healthy.
[06:59.53]'I like being thin and healthy,'said Mr Ling.
[07:03.25]'我喜欢瘦和健康,' 凌先生说。
[07:06.97]'I like living in the countryside.'
[07:12.74]page 77
[07:16.30]Look and read
[07:19.95]Kitty,look at this magazine.
[07:24.71]Here's a quiz about eating habits.
[07:29.57]Do we have good eating habits or bad eating habits?
[07:36.23]Let's do the quiz.
[07:42.63]Do you have good eating habits?
[07:47.38]1 Do you drink a lot of water every day?
[07:50.96]1 每天你喝许多水吗?
[07:54.54]2 Do you wash your hands before eating?
[07:58.42]2 在吃之前,你洗你的手吗?
[08:02.30]3 Do you watch TV when you eat?
[08:05.83]3 当你吃时,你看电视吗?
[08:09.35]4 Do you brush your teeth every morning?
[08:13.04]4 每个早上你刷你的牙齿吗?
[08:16.72]5 Do you brush your teeth before you go to bed?
[08:21.09]5 在你上床睡觉之前,你刷你的牙齿吗?
[08:25.47]6 Do you eat a lot of sweet food?
[08:29.24]6 你吃许多甜食吗?
[08:33.02]7 Do you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables?
[08:36.88]7 你吃许多水果和蔬菜吗?
[08:40.75]8 Do you eat a lot of fried food?
[08:43.78]8 你吃许多油煎的食品吗?
[08:46.81]9 Do you eat breakfast,lunch and dinner?
[08:50.74]9 你吃早餐,午餐和晚餐吗?
[08:54.67]10 Do you help to wash the dishes?
[08:58.50]10 你帮助洗盘子吗?
[09:02.33]Tommy Target
[09:03.70]汤米 目标
[09:05.07]a little/some/plenty of/a lot of
[09:14.71]healthier/less healthy
[09:19.57]Do you...?