[00:00.00]More oral practice
[00:05.09]1 About Chinese New Year
[00:11.65]It's February.Soon it will be Chinese New Year.
[00:19.02]What do you do at Chinese New Year?
[00:24.06]We buy plenty of food and new clothes.
[00:29.52]Mum and Dad buy presents for us and our grandparents.
[00:35.76]We have a special dinner the night before New Year's Day.
[00:42.29]Do you also buy beautiful flowers and fruit trees?
[00:48.35]Yes,we buy them at the flower markets.
[00:53.81]There are thousands of people there.
[00:58.38]China must be very beautiful,I think.
[01:02.82]Yes,the New Year decorations are beautiful.
[01:08.99]We can see thousands of flowers and lanterns.
[01:14.95]What do you do on New Year's Day?
[01:19.52]We stay at home.We wear our new clothes.
[01:24.98]We visit our friends and relatives.
[01:29.63]We have a special dinner.Mum and Dad give us some money in red packet.
[01:36.99]Oh,that's nice.I want to stay here for Chinese New Year.
[01:43.24]Great!We can spend the festival together.
[01:48.20]2 Sports and activities
[01:54.76]Do a survey.Talk about your favourite sports,
[01:59.01]activities and entertainments,
[02:02.85]Hi,Alice.What do you like to do at the weekend?
[02:08.52]I like to read books and watch TV at home.
[02:13.98]I like to listen to music.How about you,Ben?
[02:19.62]I like to play football with my classmates.
[02:23.78]Do you often have matches with other classes?
[02:29.03]Yes.We had a football match with Class 6B yesterday afternoon.
[02:35.48]How did you do in the match?
[02:39.32]We did very well.Our class won the game.That's great.