• 三分钟英语演讲稿:大学生活

    大学是一个很会让人锻炼自己的平台,同时四年的大学生活转眼就消逝,那么在有限的大学生活中,怎么度过自己的大学生活呢?​下面是小编整理的关于大学生活的英语演讲稿,一起来看看吧; ​Good afternoon, my dear friends.    I am very happy to meet you here.It is my great honor to communicate with you at such a special occation.First of all,please allow me to express my appreciation to you all to listion to me. I am proud of being a college student.The collegelife is fresh,new teachers, new classmates and new friends. I like the friendship, and their wide knowledge and opening mind. The grand library, school buildings and wide playground attrattde me very much.My college life is better than I expected, I can do anything I like. In the college we can not only learn the professional knowledge,but also develop our comprehensive abilities.If we can make full use of the period,we can learn many useful things.Besides,we should have the active attitude to our life,do a contributionto the society.Collegelife is the most precious time in our life.Most of us want to become an outstanding man. But there are some students still waste their time. They get together for eating, drinking or playing cards. They're busy in searching for a girlfriend or a boyfriend. They completely forget their task as college students.    Finally, I hope everybody can try their best to become a worthy person to our country, and make great contributions to the society! 好了,以上就是|三分钟英语演讲稿:大学生活 |的介绍,大家平常在写演讲稿时要注意用词的准确,尽量避免使用生僻、模糊、晦涩的字词。还要注意演讲的措辞,简明扼要、有理有力、结构紧凑。最后,希望以上的内容能给大家带来一些帮助。

  • 高中英语演讲稿:永不放弃

    ​演讲稿能激励人们,鼓舞人心,如何写好一篇演讲稿,想演讲稿能激励人们,鼓舞人心,如何写好一篇演讲稿,想必是很多人头疼的问题,看看这些演讲稿你就会了!它比起其它应用文的写作来,写演讲稿似乎要难一些,想要在英语演讲中脱颖而出,你的英语演讲稿必须得下功夫才行。下面是小编为您整理的高中生的英语演讲稿,希望可以帮到您! “If I could reach higher, just for one moment to touch the sky…”---this is from my favorite song Reach.    When we are appreciating the passionate melody of Gloria

  • 高中英语演讲稿:改变生活的味道

    比起其它应用文的写作来,写演讲稿似乎要难一些,想要在英语演讲中脱颖而出,你的英语演讲稿必须得下功夫才行。下面是小编为您整理的高中生的英语演讲稿:希望可以帮到您! ​This is a glass of water, tasteless, right? However if you add sugar, it will taste sweet, but if you add vinegar, it will become bitter. The same is true with our life____ the flavor is created by our choices.

  • 英语演讲稿2分钟范文

    【英语演讲稿2分钟】 good morning, ladies and gentlemen, i’m very glad to make a speech here. today my topic is “i love you, china.” since the day i was born, i began to have a proud name—chinese. since the day i began to talk, the most beautiful sentence i’ve ever learnt has been “i love you, china!” i love

  • 初中英语演讲稿:我眼中的数学

    一提到“数学”这个词,大家一定会联想到“枯燥”,“复杂”之类的形容词。可这位作者却觉得数学是一门妙趣横生的学科。 为什么他会这么认为呢?快来看看他的这篇英语演讲稿:我眼中的数学。 Hi everyone. My topic today is Maths in my Eyes. When I mention the word “maths” some adjectives will come to mind, boring, difficult and complicated. But I think maths is very interesting. It is used almost

  • 儿童英语演讲稿范文推荐

    下面由送上儿童的英语演讲稿,欢迎继续浏览应届毕业生演讲稿网 the international children's day (icd) is celebrated in numerous countries, usually (but not always) on june 1 each year. the icd had its origin in the world conference for the wellbeing of children in geneva, switzerland in 1925. it is not clear as to why june 1

  • 精选:初中英语演讲稿两则

    will happen and don't compare yourself to other people.Just do your best,and you will be fine.Anything is possible if you do your best,so try to do your best every day. 好了,以上就是今天小编推荐的演讲稿。希望能给大家的英语学习有所帮助。

  • 大学生英语演讲稿:保持乐观的重要性

    ​演讲又叫讲演或演说,是指在公众场所,以有声语言为主要手段,以体态语言为辅助手段,针对某个具体问题,鲜明、完演讲又叫讲演或演说,是指在公众场所,以有声语言为主要手段,以体态语整地发表自己的见解和主张,阐明事理或抒发情感,进行宣传鼓动的一种语言交际活动。那么如何写一份演讲稿呢?下面是小编整理的关于大学生的英语演讲稿,一起来看看吧; Honourable judges, ladies and gentlemen,    Good afternoon! Today I would like to talk about the importance of keeping optimistic. When we encounter difficulties in life, we notice that some of us choose to bury their heads in the sand. Unfortunately, however, this attitude will do you no good, because if you will have no courage even to face them, how can you conquer them? Thus, be optimistic, ladies and gentlemen, as it can give you confidence and help you see yourself through the hard times, just as Winston Churchill once said, “An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.”    Ladies and Gentlemen, keeping optimistic, you will be able to realize, in spite of some hardship, there’s always hope waiting for you, which will lead you to the ultimate success. Historically as well as currently, there are too many optimists of this kind to enumerate. You see, Thomas Edison is optimistic; if not, the light of hope in his heart could not illuminate the whole world. Alfred Nobel is optimistic; if not, the explosives and the prestigious Nobel Prize would not have come into being. And Lance Armstrong is also optimistic; if not, the devil of cancer would have devoured his life and the world would not see a 5-time winner of the Tour De France.    A rose may be beautiful, or maybe not; that depends on your attitude only, and so does success, so does life. Hindrances and difficulties do exist, but if you are optimistic, then they are only episodes on your long way to the throne of success; they are more bridges than obstacles! Now I prefer to end my speech with the great British poet Shelley’s lines: “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Thank you! 好了,以上就是|大学生英语演讲稿:保持乐观的重要性|的介绍,大家平常在写演讲稿时要注意用词的准确,尽量避免使用生僻、模糊、晦涩的字词。还要注意演讲的措辞,简明扼要、有理有力、结构紧凑。最后,希望以上的内容能给大家带来一些帮助。

  • 3分钟高中英语演讲稿:如何才能受人欢迎

    ​演讲稿能激励人们,鼓舞人心,如何写好一篇演讲稿,想演讲稿能激励人们,鼓舞人心,如何写好一篇演讲稿,想必是很多人头疼的问题,看看这些演讲稿你就会了!它比起其它应用文的写作来,写演讲稿似乎要难一些,想要在英语演讲中脱颖而出,你的英语演讲稿必须得下功夫才行。下面是小编为您整理的高中生的英语演讲稿,希望可以帮到您! ​Most people would like to be popular with others, but not everyone can achieve this goal. What is the secret to popularity? In fact, it is very simple. The first step

  • 关于信心的3分钟英语演讲稿(双语)

    会在发展、时代在进步、我们不能被这个时代所淘汰,这次既然选择了学习英语,那么我一定要坚持不懈、学有所成。虽然我的英语基础很差,脑子也不太灵活,但我骨子里要强不服输的性格纵使着我不能轻易放弃,只要我肯努力、肯付出、肯坚持,那么我相信一定会有奇迹的发生。 其实有时候夹在上班与学习之间让我身心真的很累很疲惫,从而产生放弃的念头,但脑子里又有个声音说;如果你现在放弃的话,那么你将是永远的弱者,然后鼓励自己,放弃不是我的信念,在我的人生字典里也没有这两个字,不到黄河心不死,我一定要挺注去克服所英语演讲稿有的困难,别人能,我也能。我最喜欢的一句话;不怕会失败,就怕起不来!没有谁能打败我们的信念,除了我们自己,所以、朋友们,让我们一起加油拿出我们年轻人的激情去挑战英语,对自己充满信心,相信我们可以,就一定可以。 [/cn] 以上就是小编为同学们精选的演讲段落,大家可以从演讲中学习他们的演讲风格,精准用词等特点,为自己的演讲之路打下良好的基础。