• 大学生英语演讲稿:保持乐观的重要性

    ​演讲又叫讲演或演说,是指在公众场所,以有声语言为主要手段,以体态语言为辅助手段,针对某个具体问题,鲜明、完演讲又叫讲演或演说,是指在公众场所,以有声语言为主要手段,以体态语整地发表自己的见解和主张,阐明事理或抒发情感,进行宣传鼓动的一种语言交际活动。那么如何写一份演讲稿呢?下面是小编整理的关于大学生的英语演讲稿,一起来看看吧; Honourable judges, ladies and gentlemen,    Good afternoon! Today I would like to talk about the importance of keeping optimistic. When we encounter difficulties in life, we notice that some of us choose to bury their heads in the sand. Unfortunately, however, this attitude will do you no good, because if you will have no courage even to face them, how can you conquer them? Thus, be optimistic, ladies and gentlemen, as it can give you confidence and help you see yourself through the hard times, just as Winston Churchill once said, “An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.”    Ladies and Gentlemen, keeping optimistic, you will be able to realize, in spite of some hardship, there’s always hope waiting for you, which will lead you to the ultimate success. Historically as well as currently, there are too many optimists of this kind to enumerate. You see, Thomas Edison is optimistic; if not, the light of hope in his heart could not illuminate the whole world. Alfred Nobel is optimistic; if not, the explosives and the prestigious Nobel Prize would not have come into being. And Lance Armstrong is also optimistic; if not, the devil of cancer would have devoured his life and the world would not see a 5-time winner of the Tour De France.    A rose may be beautiful, or maybe not; that depends on your attitude only, and so does success, so does life. Hindrances and difficulties do exist, but if you are optimistic, then they are only episodes on your long way to the throne of success; they are more bridges than obstacles! Now I prefer to end my speech with the great British poet Shelley’s lines: “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Thank you! 好了,以上就是|大学生英语演讲稿:保持乐观的重要性|的介绍,大家平常在写演讲稿时要注意用词的准确,尽量避免使用生僻、模糊、晦涩的字词。还要注意演讲的措辞,简明扼要、有理有力、结构紧凑。最后,希望以上的内容能给大家带来一些帮助。

  • 三分钟英语演讲稿:大学生活

    大学是一个很会让人锻炼自己的平台,同时四年的大学生活转眼就消逝,那么在有限的大学生活中,怎么度过自己的大学生活呢?​下面是小编整理的关于大学生活的英语演讲稿,一起来看看吧; ​Good afternoon, my dear friends.    I am very happy to meet you here.It is my great honor to communicate with you at such a special occation.First of all,please allow me to express my appreciation to you all to listion to me. I am proud of being a college student.The collegelife is fresh,new teachers, new classmates and new friends. I like the friendship, and their wide knowledge and opening mind. The grand library, school buildings and wide playground attrattde me very much.My college life is better than I expected, I can do anything I like. In the college we can not only learn the professional knowledge,but also develop our comprehensive abilities.If we can make full use of the period,we can learn many useful things.Besides,we should have the active attitude to our life,do a contributionto the society.Collegelife is the most precious time in our life.Most of us want to become an outstanding man. But there are some students still waste their time. They get together for eating, drinking or playing cards. They're busy in searching for a girlfriend or a boyfriend. They completely forget their task as college students.    Finally, I hope everybody can try their best to become a worthy person to our country, and make great contributions to the society! 好了,以上就是|三分钟英语演讲稿:大学生活 |的介绍,大家平常在写演讲稿时要注意用词的准确,尽量避免使用生僻、模糊、晦涩的字词。还要注意演讲的措辞,简明扼要、有理有力、结构紧凑。最后,希望以上的内容能给大家带来一些帮助。

  • 大学生英语演讲稿:我对未来充满信心

    ​演讲又叫讲演或演说,是指在公众场所,以有声语言为主要手段,以体态语言为辅助手段,针对某个具体问题,鲜明、完演讲又叫讲演或演说,是指在公众场所,以有声语言为主要手段,以体态语整地发表自己的见解和主张,阐明事理或抒发情感,进行宣传鼓动的一种语言交际活动。那么如何写一份演讲稿呢?下面是小编整理的关于大学生的英语演讲稿,一起来看看吧; Honorable Judges, fellow students:    Good afternoon!    Recently, ther is a heated debate in our society. The college students are the beneficiaries of a rare privilege, who receive exceptional education at extraordinary places. But will we be able to face the challenge and support ourselves against all odds? Will we be able to better the lives of others? Will we be able to accept the responsibility of building the future of our country?    The cynics say the college students are the pampered lost generation, which would cringe at the slightest discomfort. But the cynics are wrong. The college students I see are eagerly learning about how to live independently. We help each other clean the dormitory, go shopping and bargain together, and take part time jobs to supplement our pocket money.    The cynics say we care for nothing other than grades; and we neglect the need for character cultivation. But again, the cynics are wrong. We care deeply for each other, we cherish freedom, we treasure justice, and we seek truth. Last week, thousands of my fellow students had their blood type tested in order to make a contribution for the children who suffer from blood cancer.    As college students, we are adolescents at the critical turning point in our lives. We all face a fundamental choice: cynicism or faith, each will profoundly impact our future, or even the future of our country. I believe in all my fellow classmates. Though we are still inexperienced and even a little bit childish. I believe that we have the courage and faith to meet any challenge and take on our responsibilities. We are preparing to assume new responsibilities and tasks, and to use the education we have received to make our world a better place. I believe in our future. 好了,以上就是|大学生英语演讲稿:我对未来充满信心|的介绍,大家平常在写演讲稿时要注意用词的准确,尽量避免使用生僻、模糊、晦涩的字词。还要注意演讲的措辞,简明扼要、有理有力、结构紧凑。最后,希望以上的内容能给大家带来一些帮助。

  • 大学生经典双语演讲稿:成功的定义

    英俊的王子和对“成功”的四步骤定义上吧,您也许已经注意到了财富、地位和名誉等这些世俗的标准在故事中并未提及,相反故事强调了克服重重困难的过程。古代的智慧已经对成功的意义下了定义,这也是我的定义。[/cn] [en]Thank you.[/en] [cn]谢谢![/cn] 我们每个人对于成功的定义是各不相同的!而到达成功的方法只有一个,那就是先得学会付出常人所不能付出的东西,看了这篇精彩的演讲稿,同学们肯定若有所思,希望这篇演讲稿可以为大家提供一个思路,作为参考。

  • 大学生英语演讲技巧:八大万能句型

    :“团队合作”。 8、So long as…只要…… So long as we work together we can achieve great results. 只要我们一起努力,我们就能取得巨大的成就 以上就是小编为大家整理的大学生英语演讲稿的八大万能句型,相信对同学们的学习一定会有所帮助,赶快记下来吧!

  • 大学生经典双语演讲稿:享受生活,牢记使命


  • 大学生校园文明礼仪演讲稿

    提高自己的思想道德素质,即使掌握了科学文化知识,也得不到社会的肯定。因此,我们必须严于律己,不做“有才无德”的人,而要努力成为一个“德才兼备”的人。 扫除大学生不良行为习惯,关键在于大学生的“自律”,而不仅仅是“他律”。只要我们有恒心,有毅力,就没有攻不破的难关;只要我们真正做到:“爱国守法,明礼诚信,团结友善,勤俭自强”;做到“发扬优点,正视缺点,并且敢于改正缺点”;做到“踏踏实实做事,堂堂正正做人”,就一定能展现校园新风貌,就一定能成为一个“德才兼备”的人,一个合格的大学生。 同学们,我们是家之大学生校园文明礼仪演讲稿】 各位老师、同学,大家好,我是xxx班的xxx。今天我演讲学子,国之栋梁。传承中华民族的优良传统,提高自身的文明素质,是我们的历史使命。在争做文明大学生的活动中,学生党员和干部要起“讲文明”的模范带头作用,从自身做起,带领全体同学争当文明的大学生,让文明充满生活的每个角落, 再回到校园文明这个话题吧,如果我们大家每一个人都是文明人,那么何愁我们的校园不是一个文明的校园?学院的绿树红花,加上我们朗朗的书声,暖人的话语,整洁的仪表,这该是多么相得益彰的美丽画面呀!同学们,让我们携起手来,共同打造一个文明校园吧!

  • 小学生英语演讲稿:我们的学校

    and our teachers are so kind. We all love them. Dear friends, do you like them? That's all. Thanks! 好了,以上就是|小学生英语演讲稿:我们的学校 |的介绍,在演讲的时候要注意时间,对提出的论题,不可主观地妄下结论,而要进行客观的论证。在结尾部分一定要简洁,不要拉拉扯扯,说个没完。最后,希望以上的内容能给大家带来一些帮助。

  • 大学生英语演讲稿:Independence Day 2013 Speech


  • 小学生英语演讲稿:我爱英语 (双语)

    成为一名教师的汉语。现在我认为,我的梦想都可以成真:我将英语已成为世界性的语言,越来越多的家长已开始对幼儿英语学习的培养。孩子们如何更好地学习英语能够使用英语教外国朋友汉语和中华文化的共享与他们。因此,越来越多的人们将能够了解五千年的历史文化,繁荣我们的伟大的中国。 我的未来不是梦。我相信,这将成为现实 词汇学习: speech [spi:tʃ]说话,演说 play games玩游戏 cartoons [kɑːˈtuːn]漫画;卡通片 funny [ˈfʌnɪ] 滑稽的,好笑的,笑话 discover[dɪˈskʌvə]发现,发觉;碰见 (discovered是discover的过去分词形式) colorful[ˈkʌləfʊl]富有色彩的,有趣的;华美的 好了,以上是小学生英语演讲稿的全部内容,还请同学们结合日常的学习或生活中对文中的单词、语法、句子加以运用。