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    美的同事吗?鲍勃怎么样?大家都喜欢他。尽管他刚刚大学毕业还没什么经验,但是个不错的同事。 B: You’ re right. He’s a hard worker, easy to get along with, honest, and he never steals the credit on projects. The only thing he’s lacking in is experience. B:你说得对。他工作努力,容易相处,诚实可靠,而且他从来没盗用过项目经费。他一缺少的是经验。 A: Maybe that’s why he’s so nice! A:也许这商务英语中级考试中,情景会话部分通常会模拟一些商务场景,让考生在这些场景中进行英语口语就是他为什么这么讨人喜欢的原因. 二、【单词】 d 傻瓜 -calling 骂人 e 有能力的 iastic 热情的 愉快的 三、【词组/短语】 1.…I’ve ever met :我所遇到的 2. steal credit:盗用经费 四、【填空】(答案) up with (be fed up with 受够了) 2. nice to be around 友好相处 3. staying in budget 没有超过预算 4. a bit green (be green:没有经验) 五、涉及订单运输方式的讨论 A(海伦): Good morning, this is Helen Parker from XYZ Logistics. Is this Kevin Lee from ABC Electronics? B(凯文): Yes, hello Helen. This is Kevin. How can I help you? A: I'm calling to confirm the shipping details for your recent order of speakers. B: Yes, we're looking to ship that order soon. What are the options for shipping? A: We offer both air freight and sea freight. Air freight is faster but more expensive, while sea freight takes longer but is more economical. B: We'd like to ship half the order by air and the rest by sea. The urgent items need to arrive sooner. A: That's not a problem. Can you confirm the quantities for each mode of transport? B: Sure, we'll ship 500 units by air and the remaining 1000 units by sea. A: Great. Do you have any specific packaging requirements? B: No, just standard packaging should be fine. A: Alright. I'll prepare the shipping documents accordingly. When would you like the goods to be picked up? B: As soon as possible. We need to get the air shipment out by next week. A: I'll arrange for that. You'll receive a confirmation email with the shipping details shortly. B: Thank you, Helen. We appreciate your help. A: You're welcome, Kevin. Have a great day! 特别提醒:如果大家想要了解更多英语方面知识,或者想要深入学习英语的,可以扫以下二维码,定制沪江网校精品课程,高效实用的个性化学习方案,专属督导全程伴学 上文只是一个示例情景会话,实际考试中的情景会话可能会有所不同。但无论如何,考生都应该能够熟悉商务英语中的常用表达和术语,并能够在给定的情景中流畅地进行交流。

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    理了商务英语交易会情景对话,欢迎大家阅读。 交易是指双方以货币及服务为媒介的价值的交换。常以货币或服务为媒介的。交易,又称贸易、交换,是买卖双方对有价物品及服务进行互通有无的行为。 商务英语的交易对话 A=Ms. Guo(郭女士)B=Mr. Blair(布莱尔先生) A:Good afternoon,Mr. Blair.Any thing new? A:布莱尔先生,下午好。有什么新消息吗? B:Yes. I’ve succeeded in persuading our export manager to agree to a reduction of five percent.He made this an exception with an eye to future business. B:有,我已经说服我方出口部经理同意降价5%。他考虑到以后的生意,所以破例降价。 A:Good. We certainly appreciate your making these concessions for us. A:太好了,我们非常感激你方为我们做出的这些让步。 B:May I repeat our offer,10 cars,specifications as is shown in the technical data,at 25,000 US dollars each,F.O.B.Chicago?Business is closed at this price. B:我再重复一下报盘:10辆小轿车,规格详见技术资料,芝加哥港口离岸价每辆25 000美元,对吧?交易就按此价敲定。 A:Yes,that’s right.Shall we go over the other terms and conditions of the transaction to see if we agree on all the terms? A:没错。我们再检查一下这项交易的其他条款,看看有没有意见不一致的地方,好吗? B:All right.We have no objection to the terms on the packing and shipment.As a matter of fact,we always pack our cars in new strong wooden cases suitable for long distance ocean transportation. B:好,我们同意关于包装和运输的条款。其实,我们的机器包装都采用适合于长途海洋运输的崭新牢固的木箱。 A:The cars must be well protected against dampness,moisture,rust,and be able to stand shock and rough handling. A:机器的包装必须防湿、防潮、防锈、防震,并且经得起粗鲁的搬运。 B:Yes,definitely. B:对,一定。 A:The shipment will be effected no later than February 2008. A:装船期不能迟于2008年2月。 B:No problem. B:没问题。 A:And the terms of payment? A:关于付款方式呢? B:Payment by L/C,to be opened by the buyer 20 to 30 days prior to the date of delivery.That’s what we’ve agreed upon,isn’t it? B:付款采用信用证,在交货前20到30天期间由买方开出。这些我们都已同意了,是不是? A:Yes. A:对。 B:OK,Ms.Guo.It seems that we have agreed on all the particulars.I am glad the deal has come off nicely and hope there will be more to come. B:好,郭女士,要点我们都一致同意了。我很高兴圆满达成这项交易,希望以后能达成更多的交易。 A:So long as we keep to the principle of equality and mutual benefit,trade between our two countries will develop further. A:只要我们坚持平等互利的原则,我们两国间的贸易一定会有所发展。 B:When can the contract be ready for signature? B:合同什么时候能准备好签字? A:I’ll have it ready in a couple of days. A:我商务英语主要是被用于职场中,而且专业性非常的强,所以掌握商务英语用语就变得非常重要。在学习商务英语的过程中,大家要多练习情景会在几天内准备好的。 B:The earlier the better. B:越早越好。 A:How about this Friday morning at 9 o’clock?I’ll have a copy of the contract sent to your hotel for you to look over the day before. A:这星期五上午九点怎么样?我提前一天会把合同送到你宾馆请你过目。 B:That’s very considerate of you. B:你考虑得太周到了。 以上就是为大家整理的商务英语交易会情景对话,希望能够对大家有所帮助。商务英语主要用于职场中,情景对话是学习必备的。

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    理了关于商务会面的商务英语情景对话,一起学习一下吧。 A: How do you do? B: How do you do? Nice to meet you, Mr. Wang. I'm Li Hua from the Marketing Department. Here is my card. A: It's nice to meet you, Mr. Li. B: Please call me Xiao Hua. Have a seat, please. A: Thank you. A:您好! B:您好!很高兴见到您,王先生。我是市场部的李华。这是我的名片。 A:很高兴见到您。李先生。 B:就叫我小华吧。请坐。 A:谢谢。 A: Welcome to our company, Mr. Green. My name is Yu Yan,the secretary of Mr. Yang. B: Thank you. A: Would you like to have a cup of tea or coffee? B: Thanks, I like Chinese tea very much. A: Glad you like it. By the way, is this your first visit to China,Mr. Green? B: Yes, as a representative of IBM, I hope to conclude some business with you. A: We also hope to set up our business with you. B: This is our common desire. A: I think you probably know China has adopted a flexible policy in her foreign trade. B: Yes, I've read about it, but I'd like to know more about it. A: Right, seeing is believing. B: Sure. A:欢迎光临本公司,格林先生。我是于颜,杨先生的秘书。 B:谢谢。 A:来杯茶还是咖啡? B:谢谢,我非常喜欢中国茶。 A:您喜欢,我太高兴了。顺便问一下这是您第一次来中国吗,格林先生? B:是的,作为IBM公司的代表,我希望与你们建立业务关系。 A:我们也希望与你们建立业务往来。 B:这是我们的共同愿望。 A:我想您已经知道,中国在对外贸易方面采取了灵活的政策。 B:是的,我希到过,但我想知道得更详细一些。 A:好的,百闻不如一见嘛。 B:对。 A: Welcome! Please be seated. B: Thank you. I have been trying to talk about importing tex-tiles with your company. A: Good. Well, we have a large collection of textiles. What would you like to have? B: I haven't made up my mind yet. Can I have a look at your samples? A: Certainly. Let's go to the sample room, shall we? B: OK. (In the sample room)Oh, what a world of textiles! Would you give me a price list, please? A: Here you are. B: If the order Is a substantial one, how much will you comedown? A: Well, for a good start to our business relationship, we'll make it 4%. B: Well, I think I'd better talk it over with Mr. Smith, our general manager first. Thanks for your information. Goodbye. A: See you later. Please call any time you like. A:欢迎欢迎,请坐。 B:谢谢。我一直试图与贵公司商谈进口纺织品事宜。 A:好的,我们有许多种类的纺织品,你打算进口什么样的? B:我还拿不准。可以看一下样品吗? A:当然可以。咱们去样品陈列室好吗? B:好的。(在样品陈列室)噢,这儿的纺织品品种真多!请给我一份价目表好吗? A:给。 B:嗯,如果订购数量相当大,你们的价格可以下调多少? A:为了使我们的业务关系有一个良好的开端,我们给你4%的折扣吧。 B:那好吧,我想还是先跟商务英语分开来讲是商务和英语的结合,难度有些大。而且商务英语我们经理史密斯先生商量一下,谢谢你给了我这么多信息。再见。 A:再见。请随时再来。 以上就是为大家整理的关于商务会面的商务英语情景对话,希望能够对大家有所帮助。商务英语主要是用于职场中,所以在学习的过程中,可以多练习一些场景,以提升商务英语能力。

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    待她的. 迈克尔: Will I need to organize someone from the marketing department to give us their viewpoint on the sales results? 我要从营销部调一些人过来给我们分析一下销售结果吗? 罗伯茨: Yes, actually that`s quite a good idea considering that it was their marketing campaign that ultimately resulted in the products success or failure. 好的.实际上这是个相商务使用场景中,我们要保证与客户之间的对话流畅性。今天我们为大家整理了商务英语情景对话范文,供大家参阅! 商务英语当好的主意.因为是他们的营销活动最终决定了产品是成功还是失败. 迈克尔: Ok, I`ll organize that for tomorrow`s meeting then. I hope they will be able to prepare something on such short notice. 这事我会办的.我希望他们能在这么短的时间内准备出一些东西. 以上就是为大家整理的商务英语情景对话范文,希望能够对大家有所帮助。学习英语就是一个不断学习不断练习不断提升的一个过程。

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    您,真对不起。 B:没关系。 A:祝您生意兴隆。 B:为了您的健康干杯吧! A:为了大家的健康干杯! 特别提醒:如果大家想要了解更多英语方面知识,或者想要深入学习英语的,可以了解一下沪江网校精品课程,量身定制高效实用的个性化学习方案,专属督导全程伴学。感兴趣的可以扫一扫领200畅学卡 。 以上就是“商务用餐的商务英语情景对话”的所有内容了,希望能够对大家有参考价值。如果想要了解更多相关资讯,欢迎关注沪江网,会为大家提供更多精彩内容。

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    to be set,Robert.Ill bring in a sample contract tomorrow.If you like,we can sign it then. 商务英语谈判情景对话:实例对话 Botany Bay是家生产高科技医疗用品的公司。其产品“病例磁盘”可储存个人病例;资料取用方便,真是达到“一盘在手,妙用无穷”的目的。此产品可广泛使用于医院、养老院、学校等。因此Pacer有意争取该产品软硬件设备的代理权。以下就是Robert与Botany Bay的代表,Mark Davis,首度会面的情形: M:Mr.Liu,total sales onthe Medic-Disk were