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    英语面试常见问题回答及答案汇总>> [en]1. Tell me about yourself?[/en][cn]1.向我介绍一下你自己。(回答

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    要有个基本的了解。 【回答范例】 >>I really like the job description and the working duties on this position. I believe to be a perfect match for the job and a potential asset for your team. That’s why I submitted my application. I have similar working experience too… I decided to apply because I really like the vision of your company and the career growth possibilities. I can use my full potential at this position and help your company to grow and prosper. >>Question 3: Why did you leave your last job? / Why are you planning to leave your present job? 问题3:你为什么离英语面试技巧,但是,大家对它的运用可能还是不太熟悉。今天,小编为大家准备了相关的面试开上一家公司?/你为什么想离开现在的公司? 回答这个问题的时候切记一点:不要诋毁之前的公司或者同事,你应该多说一说对于未来的展望,而不是纠结于过去。 【回答范例】 My last job was not challenging enough. I was not motivated to wake up to work anymore. I liked my colleagues and boss, but I simply can’t keep myself motivated anymore. Based on the job description I really believe that I can find new motivation and challenges in your company. There was a downsizing in our company. Similarly to most people from financial department, my contract was terminated. However, it is the past. I am ready to utilize all the knowledge and experience I gained there to start my new career, possibly in your corporation. 怎么样,看完了这篇文章,大家是不是对英语面试常问题及正确回答方式有了初步的了解了呢?喜欢就赶快收藏起来吧~



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  • 面试中如何回答"你觉得自己成功吗"

    [en]Answer tips[/en][cn]回答技巧[/cn] [en]You always answer: Yes. Then explain [w]briefly[/w] the reason why. A perfect reason includes a long-term goal in 3 – 5 years that you have achieved.[/en][cn]回答

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    出自己的品质非常重要,会为你得到这份工作加分。[/cn] [en]The best way to respond is to describe the skills and experience that directly [w]correlate[/w] with the job you are applying for.[/en][cn]描述直接与面试工作相关的工作技能和经验,这是最好的回答方式。[/cn] [en]Sample Answers:[/en][cn]示范回答:[/cn] [en]1. When I'm working on a project, I don't want

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    面试英语是面试比较难的一关,下面小编分享英文面试常见问题及答案,欢迎阅读借鉴。 1. Tell me about yourself. 面试要让面试官觉得你是为了讨好面试官而言过其实,这样只会适得其反。 5. Why did you leave your last job? 跳槽的原因可能是上一份工作非常糟糕,但是面试并不是适合抱怨的场合。千万不要对现有或是过去的雇主或同事进行这样的评论: "I didn't agree with the company's direction." "I got no recognition for my work." "My boss was totally unreasonable." 我们建议要从自身发展的角度出发来回答: "I love my last job and really learned a lot from it, but I need a new platform and bigger space to make my career successful." 总之,要让面试官知道,以前的公司在你的眼中并非一钱不值,你是怀着感激来评价他们的。



  • 面试问题回答技巧:工资和工作哪个重要?

    找你回答问题中前后不一致的地方,以此来判断你是不是有备而来。最糟糕的回答就是前后不一致。这个时候,你的一致性就会受到质疑。而在所有的文化中,保持一致性都是十分重要的。[/cn] [en]BEST ANSWER: The best answer is to put things into [w]perspective[/w]. Money IS important — highly important — after all, no one works for free, but enjoying your work, your co-workers, and boss rank higher. We all know people, perhaps you’ve been in this same circumstance, who were highly paid but [w=despise]despised[/w] their job.[/en][cn]最好的回答:最好的回答一定要全面合理。工资确实很重要,毕竟任何人的工作都不是白干的,但是,更重要的是一定要喜欢自己的工作、老板以及同事。我们都知道一些人工资很高,却厌恶自己的工作,也许你也曾遇到过相同的情况。[/cn] [en]Example: “My honest answer is that it depends on the money and the work. Obviously there are positions I wouldn’t do no matter the pay, but others I would consider on a volunteer basis. In reality, though, I don’t think a strong [w]compensation[/w] package and enjoyable work are mutually [w]exclusive[/w]. My desire is to work in a field that offers me not only the challenge of growth and personal development, but professional development as well. Based on what I’ve learned about this open position at your company, I believe I’m an ideal fit.”[/en][cn] 范例回答:“说实话,这要看工资水平和所从事的工作。显然,有些工作即使给再高的工资我也不会做,而有些工作即使义务帮忙我也愿意。实际上,我也不认为高工资和喜欢的工作两者之间是对立的。我期望的工作既具有不断的挑战成长空间,同时还可为个人发展提供机会。基于我对您公司招聘职位的了解,我相信自己可以胜任。”[/cn]

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    以我做了这份报告,以期为提高公司的服务做出一份贡献。”[/cn] [en]7. “has a [w]pragmatic[/w] approach to things. I don’t waste time talking about theory or the latest buzz words of the bullshit bingo. Only one question matters to me: ‘Does it work or not?’”[/en][cn]7. “能实际解决问题的人。我不会花时间空谈理论或者讲些时髦的话。只有一件事情让我关心:‘这可行吗?’”[/cn] [en]8. “takes work [w=ethic]ethics[/w] very seriously. I do what I am paid for, and I do it well.”[/en][cn]8. “非常注重职业操守的人。我做雇主付钱让我做的事,并且做到最好。”[/cn] [en]9. “can make decisions rapidly if needed. Everybody can make good decisions with [w]sufficient[/w] time and information. The reality of our domain is different. Even with time pressure and high stakes, we need to move forward by taking charge and being decisive. I can do that.”[/en][cn]9. “在需要的情况下,可以快速做决定的人。在给予充分的时间和信息的情况下,每个人都能做出好的决定。但现实世界却不是如此。即使是有压力和风险,我们也必须小心地权衡,做出向前的决定。我能

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    到你应该诚实,但也要记住别太诚实。你要避开那些会影响你得到工作的缺点。例如,申请人力资源的职位却说不善于与人相处,或者想做销售却说不擅协商。不是让你一定要编缺点,但是挑个不会影响面试的缺点会好一些。[/cn] [en]4. Talk about your attempts to overcome your weakness[/en][cn]4. 要谈