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    到你.[/cn] [en]B: Nice to meet you ,too.Please Take a seat.[/en] [cn]我也是,请坐。[/cn] [en]B: Nice to meet you ,too.Please Take a seat.[/en] [cn]我也是,请坐。[/cn] [en]A:Thank you![/en] [cn]谢谢[/cn] [en]B: I: What is your name, please? [/en] [cn]请问,你叫什么名字? [/cn] [en]A: My name is Zhanghang.[/en] [cn]我叫张航[/cn] [en]B:what is your strongest trait(s)?[/en] [cn]你个性上最大的特点是什么?[/cn] [en]A:Well, I approach things very enthusiastically, I think, and I don't like to leave things half-done.I'm very organized and extremely capable.[/en] [cn]嗯,我做事非常热心,我不喜欢把事情做一半。我非常有组织能力,也很能干。[/cn]   [en]B: Tell me about the courses of your major in university.[/en] [cn]你大学主修课程有哪些?[/cn] [en]A: I major in Business administration.I have taken more than 50 courses in university, including Management, Human resources management, Marking,and so on.[/en] [cn]大学期间我修了50多门课程,包括管理学、人力资源管理、市场营销学等。[/cn] [en]B: What subject did you major in?[/en] [cn]你辅修过什么专业吗?[/cn] [en]A: I minor in Accountancy.I have learned Accounting principle,Financial management,Economics, audit,tax law and so on.[/en] [cn]会计学 会计基础 财务管理 经济学 审计 税法[/cn] [en]B:Why did you choose this corporation?[/en] [cn]你为什么选择本公司?[/cn] [en]A:It was well known for its great culture of keeping improving. I think this point is very important in the intense market competition. It is the infinite force to make the staff and the company move forward.[/en] [cn]公司文化、公司发展前景等贵公司素有精益求精的企业文化,我觉得这一点在现代激烈的市场竞争中尤为难得,它英语面试对话一则,希望大家有所收获。 [en]A:I have come here for the interview for Administrative assistant by appointment. Nice to meet you.[/en] [cn]我是应约来面试将是员工和公司前进的不竭动力。[/cn] [en]B: What are your salary expectations?[/en] [cn]你期望的薪资水平是什么样的?[/cn] [en]A:I am sure you will make me a fair offer.[/en] [cn]我相信你会给我一个公平的薪资。[/cn] [en]B: Do you have any questions you want to ask?[/en] [cn]你还有什么疑问吗?[/cn] [en]A: I wonder when will I know your decision?[/en] [cn]我何时能知道你的最终决定?[/cn] [en]B: We will get in touch with you by the end of next week.[/en] [cn]我们将于下周末之前联系你。[/cn] [en]A: Great. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. I am very interested in this position.[/en] [cn]太好了,我期待你的好消息。我真的对这个职位很感兴趣。[/cn] [en]B: Thank you for your interest in our company. Goodbye.[/en] [cn]感谢你如此感兴我们公司,再见。[/cn] [en]A: Goodbye.[/en] [cn]再见。[/cn]



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    求和行业动态。还应该对自己的简历和工作经历有清晰的理解,并准备好针对性的问题和答案。 “Before the interview, make sure to thoroughly research the company and its culture.” “Practice common interview questions and prepare examples from your experience that highlight your skills and achievements.” “Review your resume and be ready to discuss each position and accomplishment in detail.” 语言能力展示: 在英语面试中,良好的语言能力是基本要求之一。要确保自己的英语听、说、读、写能力都达到相应水平,并能流利地表达自己的想法和观点。 “Practice speaking clearly and confidently, focusing on pronunciation and intonation.” “Be prepared to answer questions in English and provide detailed responses.” “Demonstrate your ability to understand and follow instructions by listening carefully to the interviewer.” 自我介绍: 自我介绍是面试过程中的重要环节,可以展示你的个人素质和专业能力。在自我介绍中,要简洁明了地介绍自己的背景、教育和工作经验,并突出你的优势和特长。 “Start your self-introduction with your name, educational background, and current position (if applicable).” “Highlight relevant experience and skills that make you a strong candidate for the position.” “Conclude with a statement expressing your enthusiasm for the opportunity and willingness to contribute to the company.” 回答问题: 在面试过程中,面试官可能会问到各种各样的问题,涉及到你的工作经历、技能和行为特征等。要准备好针对性的答案,并结合具体的例子来支持你的回答。 “Use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to structure your answers to behavioral questions.” “Be honest and concise in your responses, focusing on relevant information that demonstrates your qualifications.” “Ask for clarification if you don’t understand a question, and take a moment to gather your thoughts before responding.” 提问环节: 在面试结束时,通常会有一个提问环节,你也可以借此机会提出自己的问题。这不仅展示了你对公司和职位的兴趣,还可以帮英语面试已经成为求职过程中的一项常见挑战。良好的英语面试助你了解更多关于公司文化和工作环境的信息。 “Prepare a few thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer about the company, team dynamics, or growth opportunities.” “Avoid asking questions that can be easily answered through basic research, and instead focus on inquiries that demonstrate your genuine interest and curiosity.” “Listen attentively to the interviewer’s responses and ask follow-up questions to deepen your understanding.” 通过准备充分、展示自信和专业素养,你可以在英语面试中表现出色,并为自己赢得理想的工作机会。记住,面试是一次展示自己的机会,好好把握每一个细节,展现出最好的一面。   如果您对英语学习感兴趣,想要深入学习,可以了解沪江网校精品课程,量身定制高效实用的个性化学习方案,专属督导全程伴学,扫一扫领200畅学卡。

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    用你? 开放式讨论如Information Technology(信息技术)或者the role of university in society(大学的社会角色)等,主要考查求职者的思维方式。 三、回答技巧 认真的听你被问到的问题。注意面试者的用词,他(她)所说的大部分都是专业术语吗?要让你的答案显示你对那些专业术语是如此的熟悉--但同时也英语的主要目的就是为应用,而想要在求职中顺利通过,流利的口语是很有必要的。今天我们就为大家整理了常用求职面试英语口语要让他(她)知道你可以跟普通人交流 英语面试常见问题 1. Tell me about yourself?向我介绍一下你自己。 2. What are your greatest strengths?你最大的优点是什么? 3. What are your greatest weakness?你最大的缺点是什么? 4.Why did you quit your last job?你为什么从上一份工作离职? 5. Why do you want to work here?你为什么想在这儿工作? 6.What do co-workers say about you?你的同事如何评价你? 7. Are you applying for other jobs?你有应聘其他的工作吗? 8. What do you know about us?你对我们公司有什么了解? 9. What kind of salary are you looking for?你的期望薪资是多少? 10.How long would you expect to work for us if hired?如果被录用了,你预计会在我们公司工作多久? 以上就是为大家整理的常用求职面试英语口语大全,希望能够对大家有所帮助。学习英语的目的就是为了交流,如果说都说不出来,学习英语的目的就是失去了。

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    以我决定换英语面试该怎么办?英语面试自我介绍如何才能更好地介绍自己?严格的面试考核面工作。 15.I think I’m a good team player and I\m a person of great honesty to others. 我爱好团队协作,同时也诚实可靠。 16.Thank you for giving me the chance. 谢谢你们给我这次机会。 这些英语面试自我介绍常用口语要用时,还需要自己重新组织语言,连贯在一起。上述内容希望大家能够好好融会贯通,说不定在口试的时候就能够用到呢。别害怕英语的口语,很多人就是对此非常紧张,大家一定要调整好心态。

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    句话不仅说明了你的爱好,也体现出个人性格魅力,颇具智慧。所以你说的每一句话尽量是要有一定价值的。 教育背景 Educational Background 1. 学校专业 Diploma Major 2. 学习成绩Academic Record (My records were excellent and I got an A for my English Spoken Course, which was the highest in my class.) 3. 学习过程中完成的研究或策划 Researches or Design (I used to participate in a Language Study Programme and my duty was to select topics.)我曾经参加过一个语言研究项目,负责选编话题 当然了英雄不问出处,只面试,英语都是一门必备的语言,而英语面试要你有着优异的成绩和出色的表现,也会为你的面试加分的! 个人技能Personal Skills 1.英语水平 English Proficiency (I think I can communicate with English Speaking people fluently.) 2.计算机水平 Computer Level 3.各种资格证书 Various Certificates (I have obtained a driver’s license.) 会开车也是在国外生活工作的一项必备技能。 工作经验Working Experience 1. 以往的工作经历 Previous Working Experience 无论是在国内当老师,还是在国外教中文助教的经历,都可以提到。 2. 工作成就 Working Achievements 3. 评价之前的工作 Assessing the Previous Job (In my previous job, I learned to be patient when teaching stuents.) 结束表示感谢 Showing Gratitude 面试过程结束时:Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to interview me. 以上就是为大家整理的英语面试常用口语的内容,总之,掌握面试的口语可以帮助大家应聘到更好的工作,所以大家可以多了解多看多积累。更多面试英语口语知识,可关注本站查询。

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    正要介绍自己三项特质时,你就会发现时间不够用了。 WHAT TO SAY 应说什么? What you actually say, in terms of the words you use, is something that you have to decide. You need to create an answer that sounds natural and, at the same time, interesting. 背答案估计没有人愿意听。The way to determine whether your answer is natural is simply by writing a first draft of the answer and then read it out loud. When you do this, you'll probably spot things that you have to change. 当你构思答案时,你要英语自我介绍请参看  英语口语自我介绍专题 面试时,我们会面想想应该如何说出,内容要令人感兴趣,不沉闷,避免滔滔不绝地只说自己的强项。 Here are some final things to think about when answering the question "Tell me about yourself." Mention major awards or accomplishments that relate to your career; 阐述工作上的重要成就或奖项 Promote your strengths, but do not mention any of your weaknesses; 推销自己的长处,但不要提及自己的弱点 Try to be funny if you can, but don't force it; 可以的话,尽量说得幽默有趣 Summarize your career and education, but don't recite a list; 概括说出你的工作经验和学历,但切勿背诵 Don't start with your date of birth; 不用提及你的出生日期 Avoid information that is not career-related. The fact that you own a dog won't get you a job 避免说一些与职业无关的事,例如:你有一只狗,这并不能为你争取到工作 Always answer this question 经常思考和解答这条问题 Try to sound natural 对答要自然 Relax and enjoy yourself! 放松心情,尽力而为。祝你面试成功! 更多英语自我介绍请参看英语自我介绍汇总 。 880G英语资料高速下载

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    极强的领导艺术。[/cn] [en]Ability to work well with others. [/en][cn]能够同面试之前提升自己,在面试中机智巧妙的回答问题,下面提供一些面试他人一道很好地工作。[/cn] [en]Highly-motivated and reliable person with excellent health and pleasant personality. [/en][cn]上进心强又可靠者,并且身体健康、性格开朗。[/cn] [en]The ability to initiate and operate independently. [/en][cn]有创业能力,并能独立地从业。[/cn] [en]Strong leadership skill while possessing a great team spirit. [/en][cn]有很高的领导艺术和很强的集体精神。[/cn]


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