The news broke this morning that Duncan Jones, director of the low-key but highly evocative sci-fi Moon, will be directing the film adaptation of Warcraft.

It remains to be seen whether the film will focus more on the RTS side of things, or the more popular World of Warcraft, or will avoid both and just be set in the same universe — but it does seem that filming will begin in spring this year for a release sometime in 2015.

While Jones’ involvement has been confirmed, what seems less certain is that of Johnny Depp. That’s right, ol’ Edward Scissorhands himself has been rumoured to be involved.

While it seems like it would be right up his alley given his past roles, I have trouble picturing him in it for some reason. That said, as a life-long Johnny Depp fan, I sure won’t say no. The Tracking Board seems to be the source of the Depp-based rumour and doesn’t offer any sources or information of its own. We’ll keep an eye out for more info!

沪江娱乐:以执导科幻电影闻名的邓肯·琼斯(Duncan Jones)签约执导《魔兽争霸》(Warcraft),最快将会在2015年和大家见面。虽然邓肯的加盟已经确定,不确定的是我们的杰克船长,据悉,船长约翰尼德普将扮演巫妖王阿尔萨斯。