According to a new survey, many Americans can't save money because they go out to eat too often.

The survey results vary based on age and gender . However, it is widely believed that eating out is the most wasteful. Nearly 69% of respondents said they spent too much money at restaurants.

Twenty-five percent of respondents admitted to wasting money on alcohol, and nearly 20% of respondents admitted to wasting money on credit card interest.

More than 30% of respondents said they were wasting their money by expiring or not eating food, although few people were willing to try to make changes.

However, more than 17% of respondents said they did not waste money.

To these magnificent people, we can’t help but ask: Do you know what online shopping is?

There are more women who admit to wasting money than men. But this may have a lot to do with social pressure, as women have to spend money on beauty care products.

Different generations have different opinions on what kind of behavior is a waste of money. Most millennials don’t worry about wasting money on cable bills, but they spend too much money on streaming services.

It's important to note that this is a self-reported survey, which means that the survey is not about where people actually waste their money, but what they think is a waste of money.

Well, it seems ironic that you try to make yourself happy by spending money, but afterwards you feel unhappy for the spent money.