Poor Rebekah Mikaelson -- just when she thinks she's free of her family's complicated dynamics on "The Originals," she's pulled right back in to the drama. In "The Brothers That Care Forgot," Rebekah reunites with her family to help her brother -- and protect the niece she's raising away from the supernatural dangers of New Orleans.
可怜的Rebekah Mikaelson——就在他以为自己已经摆脱自己吸血鬼始祖家族纷繁斗争的时候,又被拉回来了。在《The Brothers That Care Forgot》中,Rebekah重回新奥尔良帮助自己的哥哥——同时保护自己处于危险中的小侄女Hope。

"Rebekah comes in and has to bail Elijah out of an awkward circumstance surrounding what he's going through mentally and psychologically," creator Julie Plec tells Zap2it and other reporters on a recent visit to the show's Atlanta set.
Rebekah的回归会帮助Elijah摆脱他身理和心理目前所处的糟糕情况,“制片人Julie Plec在亚特兰大片场的一次采访中透露。

Now, she and her brothers must come together to defend Hope from their mother,  Holt says.