IELTS SPEAKING TEST - PART 2 Describe your idea of an ideal house You should say: what type of house it would be why you would like to live there what special features it would have and explain whether you think your will ever live in a house like this. Hints: Renminbi 1分09秒附近有一连字符 下期预告:房屋类话题的词汇工具箱&补充弹药。还有关键词汇注释哦~
Let me see. My ideal house would be just like an average house, nothing too fancy, you know. It would be in a convenient location, have a couple of cozy bedrooms with balconies on each, a spacious living room, a roomy kitchen, some bathrooms and a garage where my cars could be locked for the night. Most importantly, it should have a big backyard for flowers and vegetables. I love the feeling of watching the plants grow. And hopefully, there would be a fish pond in the yard. There should be plenty of applicances in the kitchen, like a gas stove, a microwave, a fridge and dishwasher. Then next to the kitchen there would be a dining area, pretty small but very convenient, with a dining table and some chairs. The living room mush have high ceilings, a sofa, some armchairs, a rocking chair and a coffee table. I would have a few vases on the mantelpiece and some family photos on the wall. As for the TV set, it would be a high-definition TV set with a large screen. And the big windows would let lots of natural light in. What else? Oh, the bathrooms! There must be a bathtub in each bathroom so my family members and I can relax in warm water. The garage is for the cars, bikes and tools. Such a house would cost like 3 million Renminbi in cities like Beijing and Shanghai. So I guess it's nothing more than a dream for me.