IELTS SPEAKING TEST - PART 2 Describe a shopping center that you like. You should say: where it is what it is like how often you visit this shopping center and explain why you like this shopping center. 生在美国的小嶷在工具箱%补充弹药中给出了大量地道词汇~完全适用于这个话题哦! Hints: Metro 29秒、1分41秒、1分45秒附近分别有连字符 注释里有对难点的解释哦~ 下期预告:描述别墅(房屋)
just a stone's throw away from easily accessible exquisite exterior wrap storeys high glass curtain walls interior top-notch impeccable a breeze coupon landmark enormous vast lifts elevators escalators lighting spetacular interior décor classy chic full refund Metro line enjoy a superb reputation enjoy a large following boutiques cosmetics section food court special offers store-wide sales department store convenience store florist's shop bakery after-sales service receipt go out of their way to help you be willing to go the extra mile for the customers flock to celebrity packed