Describe a historical building you have visited.
You should say:
   where the building is located
   what it looks like
   what it is used for
and explain whether this building is popular with tourists.


Hints:   Beijinger

Before the 1980s, most Beijingers lived in courtyard buildings called "siheyuan". But now living in a courtyard building is kind of a status symbol in Beijing because it's spacious and super comfy. A small or medium-sized siheyuan usually has its main gate built at the southeastern corner of the courtyard with a screen wall just inside. Such a residence offers space, comfort and privacy. It is also good for protection against dust storms. With all plants and flowers, the court is also a sort of garden. In the past, from the size and style, one could tell whether it belonged to average individuals or the powerful and rich. Siheyuan are delightful buildings to live and work in. The court itself can be a thing of beauty coz it can serve as a "light-well" for daylight to come in. These days, siheyuans are pretty much oases from the noise of urban life.