Lesson 6

Text A How to Make Everybody Happy

Peter's uncle lived in the country. Once Peter went to stay with him for a few weeks.

Whenever they went for a walk or for a drive in the car and they passed somebody, his uncle waved.

Peter was surprised, and said, “Uncle George, you know everybody here. Where did you meet them all?”

“I don't know all these people,”said his uncle.

“Then why do you wave to them?”asked Peter.

“Well, Peter,”answered his uncle,“when I wave to someone and he knows me, he is pleased. He continues his journey with a happier heart.

“But when I wave to someone and he doesn't know me, he is surprised and says to himself 'Who is that man? Why did he wave to me?' So he has something to think about during the rest of his journey, and that makes his journey seem shorter. So I make everybody happy.”


Text B What Would You Like to Do Tonight?

Mary's cousins, Fay and Rosemary, are still at her house. The girls want to go to the movies. They look in the newspaper to see what time the movie starts. After seeing the movie, they go to an ice cream parlor and order their favorite desserts.

MARY: Girls, what would you like to do tonight?

ROSEMARY: Do you ever go to the movies?

MARY: Of course. I often go to the movies.

ROSEMARY: Well, let's go to the movies.

MARY: There's a good movie near here: Summer in Maine
MARY:这里有一个很好的电影:Summer in Maine

FAY: Fine. I heard it's a very good movie.

ROSEMARY: Let's find out what time it starts.

MARY: Let's look at the newspaper. Movie programs are usually on page nine.

FAY: Here it is. Summer in Maine starts at 8 o'clock.
FAY:在这里。Summer in Maine八点开始。

Read the following conversation once. Underline the key words while reading and retell to your partner the dialogue in your own words.

Fred: If I won the Pools, I'd go round the world.
Bert: Would you? I wouldn't.
Fred: What would you do?
Bert: Oh, I don't know. I'd buy a big house with a garden for my wife and kids, I
suppose. But it's difficult to imagine having a lot of money.
Fred: One thing's certain. If I had a lot of money, I wouldn't work any more.
Bert: Wouldn't you? What would you do with all that spare time?
Fred: As I said, I'd go round the world.
Bert: What would you do after that?
Fred: Oh, I don't know. It'd take me a long time to go round the world.
Bert: It doesn't sound very exciting.
Fred: Anyway, we haven't won the Pools, and we're not likely to win them. So there
isn't much point in talking about it, is there?
Bert: I'd be happy if I got a rise.
Fred: And my wife would be happy if I bought her a mink coat.
Bert: Well, I'm not likely to get a rise and you haven't the money for a mink coat, so let's come down to earth and have another drink.
Fred: What will you have?
Bert: I'll have a pint of the best.
Fred: I'd have a Scotch if I were you. We deserve it.
Bert: All right. Make it a double, will you?


1.What would you like to do tonight? 你(们)今晚想干什么?

这句话可以打开话匣子哦,当跟朋友谈论做什么事时不妨说:"What would you like to do?"你的朋友们或许会出很多好主意呢。

2.I heard it's a very good movie. 我听说这是很好的一部电影。

当跟别人讨论一部电影或者其他事时可以使用这个句式,比如“我听说那件外套很漂亮”就可以说“I heard it's a very beautiful coat." 又如“我听说他是一个很好的人”为"I heard he's a very good man."